Volume/program controls on Phonak Belong bi-CROS

I am trialing Widex Unique Bi-CROS aids. I have greatly diminished hearing in my left ear due to an acoustic neuroma and the sound presented to my brain from the left side is distorted and garbled.
I think I like the Bi-CROS system a little better than the pair of Oticon OPN’s I have been wearing, but the Bi-CROS has two major limitations:
The volume is not adjustable without first disengaging the Bi-CROS system. The same is true for program changes. This means that if I need a little bump in volume or need to change programs I lose the benefit of the microphone on the left side. My Audi says that the manufacturer cannot fit all the Bi-CROS processing onto the aid’s computer chip without the compromise in functionality described above.
I know Phonak also makes a Bi-CROS system for their current line of aids. Does the Phonak system also have these limitations? Thank you.

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If you want volume control with Widex BiCROS, the best solution is to wear two Fashion BTEs. These instruments have a rocker switch which can be used to adjust the volume of the streamed signal and the overall volume of the receiving ear. Program changes aren’t possible with CROS engaged, but keep in mind the universal program on the Unique will automatically adjust for different environments. Phonak’s CROS will allow you to change volume and programs, but a few specific program types are not accessible.

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Thank you, Rasmus. What I need most is a music performance program that has all speech enhancement features disabled, but with CROS enabled (I am a performing musician). Can the Phonak CROS do that and still allow me to switch back easily to the default speech program?
Also I always had trouble performing with my old Phonak Audeo Q90’s because the input headroom was insufficient for the volume of performing. Has Phonak increased the input headroom in their new aids?

Well, almost all speech features in the Unique are turned off when the universal program classifies the environment as music. Soft-level noise reduction, speech enhancement and noise reduction are all disabled, and impulse sound reduction is at a minimum. It may be easier for you to notice these changes if your audi sets the universal program to transition faster to the music classification. Phonak does allow you to set up a standalone music program and switch to it. And current products from both Phonak and Widex have a higher input dynamic range than previous generation products.

Good news! Thank you again, Rasmus. Always super-helpful information.