Volume/gain/MPO question

I am trialling a Phonak Solana and the audi left me the fitting reports. There are a few frequencies where my 80dB output is right up against the MPO line, though there is a little left over before the instrument limit. If I turn up the volume (I’m on flex-volume, but this is the frequency that will get the most boost anyway) then does it turn everything up including the MPO or will it do nothing because the gain is already right up against the MPO? Do I need more headroom on the MPO to allow the volume to go up? I’m not sure what happens in that configuration. Thx.

No, it should not turn up the MPO’s. They should be fixed. What it will do is automatically increase the gain below the threshold of compression and above the threshold’s, increase the compression ratio’s in the affected frequency channels.

LOL I have no clue what that means!

Why have a volume control if you can’t actually turn it up??!

It depends on the type of compression used in the Solana aid. I’m not familiar with it so I don’t know. If it’s WDRC with a single compression kneepoint then there will be a maximum MPO (so to speak). It will serve as the absolute limit for that channel when the volume is all the way up. As you lower the volume it will lower the gain and also lower the MPO value for each channel affected by the control (most likely all of them). It’s important to note that with these aids, the volume control doesn’t affect the starting point (kneepoint, input level) of compression.

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