Volume Control! You can’t handle Volume Control!

<o></o>Went to a new audi yesterday for my wife. We talked about new technology features such as aid-to-aid wireless communication, remote volume control and such.
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She says ppl baby themselves too much with things like remote control and they often end up making sounds too comfortable and thus sacrificing clarity of speech. She prefers that you don’t use volume control. Instead, you should describe your situation to her so that she can use her experience to determine what (if any) program changes are needed. For example, some ppl may not like paper rustling noises and want a more comfortable setting for that “noise”. She would question you about whether the sound is painful. If not then she will likely keep the loud setting so that you don’t sacrifice any clarity of speech.
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I guess I can see her point for completely automatic aids. The ones that automatically switch environments for (speech only, speech in noise, noise only, and music). She says that too many user changes to the automatic environment balancing program may likely end up sacrificing clarity of speech.
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But I don’t see that as a reason to completely eliminate volume control. If you want to switch to a manual program to emphasize sounds in front of you and pump up the volume, then why not have at it? Or if you want to switch to manual program to suppress car noise on a long trip, then why not?

But alas, I have no experience wearing aids. So who am I to judge whether user control should or should not be used? Anyone care to comment on the usefulness of user control of your automatic program and user control of manual programs?

I’ve been wearing aids for 7+ years for a moderate high frequency loss, and currently wear GN ReSound Pulse open-fit BTEs. They have no volume control and no programs, and do everything automatically. Hassle-free hearing, the way I like it. Guess I agree with your audi, for my lifestyle and hearing loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

She says that too many user changes to the automatic environment balancing program may likely end up sacrificing clarity of speech.

I think she is referring to the auto-learn mode in many top-end hearing aids.

Just ask her to turn auto-learning off … you can then play with the volume as much as you like, without the aid trying to memorise your changes!

Why didn’t I think of that? If auto-learn is a problem then just turn auto-learn off. Pretty simple. Thanks.

A lot of newer aids don’t come with a volume control, and although all my aids have always come with a volume control I have almost never found the need to use it. As your audiologist has said she can adjust the aids to your specific needs so that they will be exactly where you want them to be. BUT, she can’t be by your side 24/7, and she sure isn’t going to adjust your aids for isolated situations. Also i have found that telephones and telecoils vary from one phone to another and some people speak softly into their phones. In situations such as these a volume control can be a life saver. If you want an aid with a volume control then insist on one.

I think I will insist on user control. At least during the trial period. As EnglishDispenser says, we can always turn it off.

Hask12; When you say some newer aids don’t come with a volume control I think you mean that the aids them selves don’t have an on-board button/switch for volume control. I believe that if you get the optional remote the newer aids will give you volume control via the remote.

Mild or moderate losses may not need a volume control…,but those with more serious losses almost always have moderate to severe recruitment. A volume control is then very helpful for many real life situations.

WDRC aids can help mitigate the effects of severe recruitment but if the ratio’s are too high it truncates speech clues. Ed

Sorry, the picture was lost.

PVC, don’t get me wrong but the whole point of this thread is whether there is a necessity to have a manual volume control on the aid itself.

A volume control is ESSENTIAL for those with Menieres.

A reduced range volume control is also important for ‘fiddlers’ i.e. those who have had a VC on an analogue aid for 15+ years. They need something to ‘twiddle’ !

A VC is also useful for those who experience very changeable acoustic situations e.g. they can walk from a noisy factory into a very quiet office.

A VC is also great for those who need special left/right adjustments …truck or taxi drivers for example.

Thanks Hask12, I appreciate your help and all the help that I get in these forums.

Let me attempt to be more clear. I was trying to determine whether it was a good idea (as our audi had hinted) to completely eliminate user volume control (on-board or via remote). Note that by not choosing an optional remote for later models that have no on-board volume control you effectively eliminate user volume control.

After reading the helpful posts here I think that we want to keep user volume control, and at a later point if we determine that user volume control is interfering with the automatic program then auto-learn could be switched off.

Hmmmm… If we get a model without on-board control, and since we don’t want Bluetooth, at some point we may be need to decide whether to pay big bucks for a remote for the limited purpose of user volume control and switching to a manual program.

The Unitron remote is low cost.

Yes to the remote for volume control. There are always conditions in our day to day life where the option to turn down the volume is a nice feature too have . With my Dual Connects i rarely do change volume due to their Auto Learning feature but boy is it ever nice when you just want the volume dropped down. Dual Connects have to have the remote / Streamer anyway to function too their full potential.

I wear Starkey J13 Cierra BTE’s which not only have a manual VC, but also both manual program and on/off switches… and I wouldn’t be without them. Just remember: “It’s always better to have something… and not need it, than to not have something… and need it.”

Shi-Ku (Who’s HA’s have it.) Chishiki


My AH’s BTE OF have the volume control and I use it very day.

Guess what? Our Audi has recommended the Phonak Exelia Art Micro. The micro has no on-board volume control (VC). Here’s a side-by-side picture (Sorry, the picture was lost) of the Exelia Art M and the Exelia Art Micro. Even the program button on the Micro is optional so we may end up with no on-board control at all.

I know, I know, I was supposed to insist on our preference for VC. But we had some communication problems between us, our audi, and her secretary. So the Micro got ordered before we could make our case.

Well it’s only a trial. But it’s funny/interesting how this ended up with us having to decide whether to pay big bucks for a remote for the limited purpose of user VC and switching to a manual program.

I’m sorry. I can’t help but wonder about the motives for this fitting without on-board user controls. Is the purpose to sell us extra accessories??? If you look at the back of the User Guide for the Phonak Exelia Art Micro (download here) it goes on and on about the optional accessories. Maybe I should be more trusting. We will see how this works out as time passes.

My wife was fitted yesterday for the Phonak Exelia Art Micro. No on-board volume control, the program button is disabled. She says things are loud! Clocks ticking, that ripping sound when using shipping tape. She has to write down which sounds are annoying and the audi may or may not turn down the gain.

The auto program (which is all we have) works well in speech in quiet. It works well in speech in noise. But I had to remind her to face whoever she want’s to hear. For example, it doesn’t work so well walking side-by-side in a shopping mall. It works well with muting freeway noise. It doesn’t work so well with music. Lots of treble sounds with not much bass.

We are wondering if there is a way to fix the music problem? Perhaps a manual music program? For comparison we are also trialing Interton AVIO-5 RITEs with power receiver. The Avio-5s sounds much better for music.

The audi did not try to sell us any accessories so she really believes in taking volume control away from the user. We will see how this goes as time passes.

PVC said in part…

If your wife says things are loud under certain conditions, then wouldn’t it be logical to have a way for your wife to reduce the loudness instead of having to go back to the Audi and have them do it?

That’s like buying a car and having the radio volume too loud when the car is first started up. So what do you do? I would suggest taking it back to the dealership and having them reduce the loudness of the radio for you.

I would seriously ask your wife’s Audi their reasoning behind taking the volume control away from the user… and if they’re willing to tag along behind you 24/7 with all their equipment to reprogram her HA’s all the time? If I’ve said it once on this web site, I’ve said it dozens of times more.

“It’s better to have something and NOT NEED IT, than to need something and NOT HAVE IT!”

I wear Starkey J13 Cierra BTE’s that not only have a manual on/off switch, but a external Volume control too.

Shi-Ku (Who loves his STARKEY’s.) Chishiki


Remember “The Soup Nazi” of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld?

Well, I think we have “The Audi Nazi”!

HA ha, funny :slight_smile:

Maybe it time to look for an Audi that’s an ally.