Volume button vs program selector

A few of the HAs I am considering give one a choice between volume control and program selector. One, I have been told, is the Ambra m H20. I would guess this is because of space limitations. But why can’t the volume control be included in the program selector switch? Something like press up for volume down for program selector. Or am I missing something here? I use both on my old Phonaks and find both very useful. Am I in the minority in this case?

Some companies allow for the one control to do 2 different things (ReSound and Starkey are 2 I can think of) but Phonak doesn’t. MOST people don’t feel like they need both. Some do. I find that a VC usually comes in more handy than the MB unless you have the Ambra then you set it up for a MB so you can access the stereozoom feature. most of my patients do fine with the automatic VC though…

I chose the micro p so that I could have both. The almost only time I use the volume is using fm watching tv with smartlink and mlxs with icom. I believe volume in general is set 2 db per click down 5 clicks. We had a hard time setting volume low enough in that one program. The micro p aid may be bigger (don’t know) but the p’s fitting range allows for no low’s amplified like the m but you can get program and volume control. I was used to both and just wanted it.

I rarely change the volume, but sometimes change programs, so if I could only have one, it would be program selector. That’s what the button does on my current aids. I also have a remote that allows me to change programs or the volume for one or both aids. I usually use it to activate the TV streamer, and sometimes use it to change volume and program.

I don’t know about the HA you’re looking at, but with my Aleras, I was able to add a volume control as an option. You might look into that - I use the program selector, but with my ears, I also need to vary gain as my hearing acuity changes each day. I couldn’t live without volume, but I can also honestly say that having different programs available is also a very important option.

I vote for “Both.” :slight_smile:

Agree with FlyingVee - need both controls and I have both on my Ambra SP BTEs.

My last aids - MicroPower IX - had no controls on the aids whatsoever and I was reliant on KeyPilot and WatchPilot to make any changes…

I’ll shortly have a WatchPilot for sale …

A lot of new aids include both in a dual function button. Oticons have done it for a while, both my Engage 64 and 32 do it at Sam’s Club. You simply press and hold the button to chance the program, press and let go to change the volume. This is an option on BTE/RICs though. Haven’t really noticed it on any ITE models.

Siemens you can make the rocker whatever you like… VC on either side, Prog control either side, neither button do anything both buttons do the same.

Can that be done with the Pure 501s as well?