Voice Sounds Distorted

My husband developed SSNHL in Nov 2017, initially with a 80-90%hearing loss in his right ear. He already had 40% hearing loss in his left ear as a result of an injury 20 years ago. He had 6 weeks of high dose Prednisone and intratympanic steroid injections and regained enough hearing to be able to manage with bilateral hearing aids instead 2 chochlea implants as was the original plan. All was going well until 3 weeks ago when the sound of his own voice began to sound distorted and very electronic to himself. External sounds are much the same. Went back to ENT and only other suggestion was Endolymphatic Hydrops but we are not convinced. He has no other symptoms except the distorted sound of his own voice. He has stopped wearing the hearing aid in this ear as it just amplifies the sound when he talks and it is driving him crazy. The audiologist has tried multiple other settings with hearing aids but nothing makes any difference. Any suggestions???

There is always the possibility that the microphone has been block. This was covered in a recent thread. Although, a good provider can test for that. Both failing is more problem related but not impossible. You might ask him to send them in for a run on the test bench to verify they are working properly.

The aids have already been tested and there is nothing wrong with them. It seems to be nothing wrong with the aids. It’s just how he hears his own voice. I came across some info on Patulous Eustachian Tube and an now wondering if this is the problem. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Sorry to hear that. My misery began one morning with distorted sound in left ear, and when speaking. It went away over weeks, but then came high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus. No I’m wearing hearing aid. Take all meds you can…i didn’t get any.

The same as before (OK) or the same as his voice (distorted)? Could be eardrum issue maybe? I would think that would be visible to a professional though. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a picture (x-ray?) of the “bones”?

I have this https://www.earpopper.com , It should help if problems with Eustascian tube, although I think that distortion is some kind of hyperacusis, which is quite normal when suffering from tinnitus

He is now having a CT scan to check for superior semicircular canal dehiscience. Autophony continues but no other symptoms.