Voice mail transcription, really great service

I posted this in another thread but really think it’s a great service for the hard of hearing community so I am making a new post.

I have all my voice mail from home, office and cell automatically sent to Simulscribe. Within minutes of receiving the message they email me a transcription of the voice file and attach a Wave file also so I can listen to it via Blue Tooth. An example of the transcription: “Hi. This is Laura from Monica’s Flowers. I’m returning your call. We’re open from 9:00 until …” Pretty amazing!

If you want to try the Simulscribe service with a free trial please use this link so I get a referral credit:


I’m just curious, do you have 3 different accounts–one for each of your phones? The way I read your email I thought all 3 were included in the price, but I have joined Phone Tag (new name) and it looks like you can only get things forwarded from one phone.

Shelly, I have been using this service for one year and really find it to be a huge success. I am glad you are starting and am VERY suprised that others have not expressed an interest. This has been the single best improvement for phone use since the Bluetooth + Streamer solution.

You just forward your phones to the number they give you. I have multiple phones forwarded and hope they have not changed that for new users.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get multiple phones on it–their customer help says it can be done, but I just can’t figure out where I go to give them the additional phone numbers to forward to the service.

Just go to the Self Service tab and select “Send me instructions”
You can have multiple phones. Basically they all go to the same number that is assigned by Phone Tag. That number is your mailbox and it does not care where the call is coming from.

Hi, I’ve signed up for PhoneTag and it works great from my cell phone (which is only mine), but with our landline our phone only rings for 1/2 a ring now, which isn’t enough to grab it before it goes to the message service. Do you know of any way to get the phone to ring a few more times before it goes to the PhoneTag service?

Great service if you’re home or around a computer all day. I found for my situation it is more of a waste of money.

I have Vonage for my home phone and they have been offering this for the past year or so. It’s a little less expensive ($0.25) per message, but I have never tried it.

With most phones having adjustable volume, I don’t have a problem hearing voice mails when I check them.

Since most of my voice mail occurs on my cell phone, what would be a better idea is converting my voice mail to text messages so I can then read my voice mail on my cell phone. Sending a text to my computer which may be miles away really doesn’t do me much good especially in an emergency.