Voice call quality Phonak Naida Marvel bluetooth

Hi, can I know how is the voice or call quality using bluetooth features of Phonak Naida Marvel.

Earlier when I used Marvel m30 sometimes I have observed that the caller had difficulty to understand my voice , especially in noisy environment.

Wondering whether with phonak naida Marvel it has improved… considering that mic is near the mircrphone of BTE hearing aid.Please let me if you have experience

If you’re in a very noisy environment, I don’t think it will filter out all the noise, but if you’re for example often calling in the car, and in the driver side (when driving on the right side like in Europe), you should have the right hearing aid device configured as the Bluetooth headphone, whereas in the UK, you’d better have the left hearing aid device configured as the Bluetooth headphone.

Hey, What type of hearing loss do you have?

I have not come across any problems with my naida marvels and phone calls. But I admit that it’s a feature that I don’t use too often because my hearing is just too bad