Hi I’m Andrew,

New to the forum. I am looking into Vivatone HA’s specifically the Entre 450.

I have boderline profound loss in my left ear, and moderate severe in my right. Had mri and cat done to confirm it’s not tumors or anything like that.

I also have tinnitus that is maddening loud in both ears (same volume).

This is all going on 20ish years now. I’m 44.

Anyhow, I went to 's local audiologist for a hearing test and he demo’d the vivatones for me. Well I was shocked and really thrown off balance by how clear I could hear and that the tinnitus was masked.

The experience has left me shaken.

So I have searched the web end to end and can find no real information about Vivatone, their tinnitus masking or much info on its inventor.

The aids seem well made, needless to say I am ready to sell my first born to come up with the $5G for these devices.

Do any of you users or professionals have any insight into this companies product? Is there any other company that can provide the tinnitus relief I experienced using Vivatones aids for a half hour? Was this relief real? It lasted for about an hour after I left the office.

Please help.


Vivatone was sold to Starkey earlier this year and they will be changing the brand name. See this article:

Is Starkey’s acquisition of Vivatone bad??? The article displays the general depth of info I’ve been able to find.

I would not think so, Starkey is a well known brand (although I have never been a user of their instruments). I would just be double sure about warranty and service issues.

Thanks. Though I guess I’ll be flying blind. I’ll double check their return policy and warranty

I think starkey bought vivatone to aquire their Receiver in the canal technology.
I however remember being told, the patent was not part of the agreement.

Vivatone, has an interesting tinitus instrument …

Currently, DR Fabry has got involve with audisinc, he is a clever guy… hopefully

we should see some interesting stuff

I just replaced a set of Starkey S Series 5, most of the issue stemmed from bad programming, but after wearing the Bernafon Verite for the past 4 days there is a world of difference in what/how I am hearing,

The price difference Audiology Office pricing, Starkey $2600.00, Costco Pricing Verite $2900.00

Starkey offers no external communication or HA to HA communication

Verite offers Blue tooth, HA to HA Communications and synchronous actions between the HA’S as well as TV connectivity.

It is for me a hands down choice.:rolleyes:

Do the Verite’s do anything for tinnitus??

Verite runs on the same platform as Oticon epoqs, and it has most of its features
including large bandwith 10hz, so it should offer good tinitus masking.

I also think the Widex do also have large bandwith.

The two companies that had tinitus products are audiosync (vivatone) and
General hearing.

I would check Neuromics for sure… but it is pricey!

Well, I made an appointment with Beltone locally. The Reach sounds interesting. SO off for another audiology exam and fitting.

I HOPE these are great, and affordable. I’m looking into other brands available locally, we’ll see.

I hope my laundry list isn’t too difficult.
tinnitus masking
speech recognition, 1on1, group situation, reasturant, from behind
critical music listening

I need my ears for my business as well, repairing equipment for musicians:o