Visitor message spam/scam alert

anyone else getting nailed with spam advertising scams in their visitor messages? been nailed with 11-12 in less than 24 hours.

my computer is malware free.

I am trying to determine if I am getting singled out or if it is happening to a lot of people.

knowing whether other people are getting it or not determines if someone on the site is harassing or if its just a bot that figured how to get past the bot rejection protection program…

There are some others in another thread, but I have not seen any.

EDIT: Thread is here, starting with post 8.

I’m getting it too…very annoying. Never happened before my original profile was deleted - only since I had to make the new old one…lol

Just got my first spam message.

OK sorry reread from 8 and on regarding seb and um bungo. will repost this post to that thread.

thanks for pointing that out the ones I am talking about are different, which is why I started a new thread rather than place it in their thread. These are not private messages its the visitors message in your profile , when you click on your name in the top right corner. I have had 2 more spams for random scam sites they list anywhere from 6-20 links in single visitor message.

here are the spam bots names as follows:
DO NOT CLICK ON THE NAMES TO SEE THEIR PROFILE! reason for telling you not to click on link to names is not sure how its picking their victims for spamming.
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What I am curious about is if enough messages are spammed to the visitors messages in your profile will it cause a override or lock out due to limit of space maximums? similar to the mail limits? could it cause a fatal error /overload vulnerability allowing someone to hack my profile?..

I really hope the Admin looks in to this it is looking more malicious than Previously thought.
If anyone has the personal ear of the Admin, would you please advise him to look into this. wasn’t sure how to send a PM so left a message on his visitor message in his profile. It would greatly be appreciated.

In my inbox 9 spamming messages, I have no idea how to delete without opening. Any idea?
Forget about it. I deleted them.

are they in the mail or is it under the visitor message?

if its the visitor message all you need to do is click the little box in top right corner and it highlights the message then go to bottom of list there is a little box with options open box select delete. then click on go to the right of that box it will ask you why you want to delete just put spam in box to indicate why.

private mail box on the right of each message is small box click the box for check. Then the box next to “selected messages” on right side bottom select the delete and follow directions after hitting “go” button. no need to open the mail.

Thank you Corey, I found it. I am not too familiar with the site, but I manage somehow, thanks:D

HEE HEE i am new too:D got nothing better to do than to fight to end injustice.

I believe what the spammers are doing is sending a slue of private messages to those who have posted that day or the previous day. Not much we can do about it other than block our private messages or delete them as they come in. I just wonder if they really think they are going to sell any of their pirated junk to any of us? I think they found the wrong Forum.

We have finally managed to track down a bunch of these spammers and put restrictions in place to prevent future spammers from sending multiple messages at once.

Please delete any of these messages you have received.

We have tested them and also found them to just be marketing and SEO type of messages, yet it is best to delete them without opening them.


Thanks for your effort Admin


Spammers! I am new and I have not received any as of yet, thanks for the heads up!