Visible Sound Levels


Has anyone purchased or made something that provides the function like a sound level meter but is standalone? For, say, a night stand (just for example). Ideally something like a “VU Meter” or mini-color organ if you know what that is.

Sometimes I take a break from my aids and I’d still like to know what the ambient sound level is. For instance, the neighbors dog barking or knocks on the door or something like that. Another example, today one of my smoke detectors started chirping and my dog did not want to come inside the house. It took a while for me to figure that one out. I think it would be great if I could leave it on while sleeping and if I wake up I could tell if there is something audible going on.

I do NOT want to use a phone app.



A Google search for “sound meters” gives many choices, Here is the least expensive one I found on Amazon, if it meets your needs.

I found others that will record for hours and they can be in the $4K range.

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Phone app is really convenient though.



This is pretty close to what I am looking for:

“Hello Light” Sound-reactive RGBW light cylinder