Vigo Pro Settings

this is part of the business. Im sure it is not the first time it has happend to your audi… perhaps he will consider rem in the future

And so it is…I will be returning these aids and going to my new Audi on May 16. She is ordering them so to have them on hand when I arrive. I am so looking forward to this. I will post more on which one I am trialing at that time.

ok…in love again with my Vigo Pro. Audi did some fine adjusting and took me out of the Tri state mode(surround, split, full), and set me up with surround and split. This worked very well…no squeal or whistle.
Also took 1db off the high frequency. She is soooooooo good, and I really like the performance once again. I have a second program set for Tri-State mode so we can get some data logged and see where this unit is operating most given my work/listening environment.

That is great Chrisc!! Keep us posted. I feel really bad that these did not work for me. I am sure they are really good aids.

Besides a power dome(tried, do not like) or customer made Micro-Molds, are there larger than 10mm Open style that can be used ?
I know Oticon does not have any…not sure if these are interchangable amongst manufactures and there was another maker of HA that offers this larger size. What about some type of lock that would lock any open dome in place preventing it from slipping/moving out of canal.

Update on Vigo Pro…increase gain and raise some mids and highs. 3k leaving
alone as this seems to be my source of Audi Feedback since the earpiece slips a bit. Like it, but now dealing with an earpiece dilema. Solve this and 3k can be bumped up a bit.

As you said, Oticon does not have sizes larger than 10mm. That is usually the largest size with the other manufacturers also. If you don’t want a Micro-mold, perhaps you would do well with a custom mold from one of the earmold manufacturers. Most of them now make custom molds for open fit products, and you can get the molds in softer materials such as silicone or vinyl.

Also, if enough people call in asking for larger dome sizes, the manufacturers usually see the light and start making them.

Audiogal, thanks for your responding. What is the difference (and where can I view a micro-mold) that would work the Oticon Vigo Pro ? Also, where can I obtain more information re: earmold manufacturers that can make customer open fit molds in silicone or vinyl. I like going in with a base knowledge level and then having discussion with my Audi. Your assistance is appreciated and I look forward to reading your post. Thanks.
All i know is like open dome…does a micro-mold lend itself to being open ? I thought i read it isnt really, hence you get occlusion sensations.

i would definetely talk to westone…
i really love their service, they make real good earmolds…

The micro-mold or custom molds aren’t open, but in my experience people don’t complain about occlusion as much with them as they do standard molds.

Here is Westone’s page for these (#85 or #89 at bottom of page):

And Great Lakes:


Pretty much any earmold lab these days has a similar product

Ok. So I now have a custom mold with Vigo pro and all appears ok regarding sound quality and finally the elimination of whistling/squeeling.

It’s taking a bit of getting used to the small amount of occlusion that is evident when I speak. Perhaps I need to tap a larger hole in the mold than the current one. That may allow a bit mre natural sound to enter and mitigate this effect. I have only used for 72hrs as of this posting, so I meet w/ the Audi on Tuesday and I will broach this topic with her.

Hi Chrisc:

I am really glad that you are getting better results. I know the Vigo-Pro is a nice instrument, I just did not have an Audi that new what he was doing with them. Can you get a remote with the Vigo (cant remember) or do you have one? My current Audi has me in Audeo V, and I can hear some different tones than before, but clarity is still an issue on TV and some men. I think I will have to get a mould. Keep us posted…

oticon does not make a remote control for most instrument,
only epoq V,X or XW have a remote control…

Thanks, Xbulder!

Audeo V:

I have been in the Audeo V’s since May 16. On the right ear (very small) I believe it is a slip tip. On the left, it is an open tip.

I went back for an adjustment as I kept hearing the HA switching and in noise (outside or in the car) they would feel like they were shutting down and I could not hear on the phone or understand what people were saying to me while we were standing outside.

Audi adjusted the compression to where I almost have no compression at all and increased the gain and volume.

On Saturday and Sunday, I had problems understanding my husband sitting next to me. I also am sounding like I am in a barrel when in noise.

I think I am ready to go back to the original setting as this is really nerve racking.

Any ideas?? I want to communicate to my audi so we can get these adjusted. She is very good, but can only be as good as I tell her. My problem is has always been hearing the TV - speech only. The loudness is fine, and sometimes gets on my nerves as it sounds too loud. In addition, I am still having (alot) to ask persons to repeat themselves alot…sounds like they are mumbling. Sunday, I took them off and could hear better without them.:o

Thank in advance, for any and all suggestions.

oops, sorry meant to post on Audeo V thread.