Vigo Pro Settings

Hi Everyone:

I am trialing Vigo Pro’s. When I first put them on everything around me was so quiet…It is still that way, but still not there.

My question is, does the button to increase volume and change programs have to be turned on? As I tried pushing it last night while watching tv and NOTHING. No beeps indicating anything had changed.

The right ear has short squeeks and in turning my head or slight movements start squeeling. What is this?

And, Still no REM so all adjustments are seat of the pants stuff…I may if push gets to shove have to travel 3 to 4+ hours to get this done.

The volume control button does have to be turned on in the software. The fitter has the option of making the button change volume, programs, or both.

The squeaking in the right ear sounds like feedback. Did your fitter run the feedback program? You have to sit quietly while the computer plays some sounds through the aids to see where there might be feedback-prone areas, and the aids will take corrective action to prevent it in the future.


Thank you. Yes, he did run the feedback manager before I left as it was doing it in the office too. I wonder if the fit is not a great one as the tip keeps coming out of my ear.

I will ask about turning on the button, otherwise why is it there?

You may have to experiment with different size domes or tubing length, or the thin tube may need to be bent a bit.

audigal is right, you need to configure the butom settings, remember
you can configure, volume control, program change and mute with the same control up or down…

Just got back from my Audi after about 2 weeks of trial of the Vigo Pro.
We downloaded the data it had recorded, reviewed, found some interesting environmental stuff, etc.
My initital set up consisted of having most but not all features activated.
Example, automated learning (VC, etc.) was not activated. Secondary program was not activated/programmed. My volume control worked, but I was asked initially if I wanted it that way I said yes. I only used it a bit, and the datadump from the unit showed that.

Now, all features are active, I am on stage 3 so auto learning is now activated as well as VC, and other features.

I am very pleased with this unit and will end up purchasing it (and having a 45 trial period on top of the 2 weeks I have just had). Love it, performs very well in noisy environments, automatically selects from Directional, Surround, Frontal (I tend to be in Surround more per the data download), great wind noise reduction. 57% of my time is in noisy environment with talking going on. She found that unusual but reminded her of my business.

Great unit…glad Xbulder posted about it a prior to its release.

Chris C

glad you like it…

I have seen similar stats with a lot of clients,
most of the time the instrument is set to omni despite the fact
that the client had been most of the time in noise…

It seems logical to think that if you are in a noisy envr. the instrument
should be set to directional…

I had ask this to Oticon, I hever got a convincing answer… any thoughts…


Glad that you are still enjoying the Vigo Pro. I too like it better that the Delta’s. It is not quite as comfortable (on top of the ear) as the Deltas, but the sound - noise reduction, wind noise (this is substantial improvement) are all great. I have found someone to do a REM test - have to travel quite a distance but I think it will be worth it. In addition, and quite by mistake I have confirmed that I need a power dome. I put my finger up to my ear as I was watching TV (guess I closed it in more) and the voices on the TV jumped out it me in clarity. It is like someone opened a door and let the voices in. WOW! So, things are looking up…

Went back later yesterday because I have been getting this ocassional whistling/squeel since visiting the Audi yesterday. She stated that all that was done was tweaking a bit of the highs, which is where I have tonal/hearing issues. Her recommendation after using the #10 Open fit was that it slid out to easy…and was causing “feedback” causing the squeal. So, she gave me a a Power Dome. I do not like this for my hearing issues. It makes thing very inclusionary…um, let me try again…very contained, not as open or airy with regards to my perception of sound. And i can really notice the various changes the VigoPro is doing to mitigate sound, etc., and this gets annoying using the Power Dome. Aside from tweaking the highs back down, an option is to make a custom open mold of my canal.
This would allow for the “gain” increase of the highs, and mitigate the feedback. But, they are not discrete. It would be a noticeable earpiece. Don’t know, but Im leaning toward throttling back on the gain so I can stay with the open ear piece which sounds natural for my hearing conditions.

remember VC learning starts once you are in level 3, in addition the instrument needs to be in the same condition for 60hrs for the VC to start to make changes… so be patient with the VC

Hi Chris & exbulder:

I am in the same position…but my current dispenser will not change the moulds. I called around on Friday and even though I will have to travel 3 hours she really sounds informed and answered all my questions - REM, yes, also prefers speech processing as a validation. She believes in looking at the total lifesyle and hearing needs and meeting them as close as possible with budget. She said the vigo pro would not help me (sent her my audiogram) without the micro-mould. She recommends the audeo and the unitrol moxi or yuu. Any of you other audi’s agree?

Phonak Audeo does have a wider fitting range than Oticon, and I think their feedback program works very well. I haven’t checked out Unitron’s Moxi or Yuu fitting range to see how it compares to Oticon, but they are both good products.

So, (still trying to understand all of this) with a wider range, I can wear the open fit without a dome or micro-mould? Is this why she chose these two? I just want to make sure for my flat loss 45-55 across the board to 4000, then I fall into normal ranges, that I understand.

remember if you want an micromold you need a straight 9mm
canal, so dont count on this… the audeo only covers a bit more than the Rite with a micromold…


What would you suggest, if I can not use any of these without the mould and the mould does not work? Which Aid with what dome or tip?

My HIS had custom molds made for my Audeo IX’s because of feedback issues. While it’s true that the molds didn’t fit much deeper than the open domes, they completely eliminated any feedback. Voices and sounds around me didn’t sound any different than with the domes, In fact I think think things sounded a little more normal.

I just couldn’t get used to the way I sounded when I talked or ate. The occluded feeling was very uncomfortable to me. I went back to the open domes after 2 1/2 days. I think if the vent had been larger it wouldn’t have been so bad. There are others on this board that have the custom molds without the issues I had and love them.

According to the Audeo specs if you have the custom molds you can take advantage of all the fitting capabilities of the aids.


i believe the audeo comes with a power dome which allows to fit more fitting range… If the micro mold slips out you can order it micromold canal lock
most labs make them… again 9mm straight canal is needed!

Its just that suddenly I am not pleased with the performance. I go in tomorrow Monday and will have further discussion on settings and ear piece selection.
But for now, now matter which ear piece i use…the micro open or the Power Dome, i am not a happy camper.

Maybe i am getting inpatient. Or, perhaps I need to move on and demo other models. It just that this Audi so pleaseant to work with and has costed me nothing out of pocket all this time. Her other lines besides Oticon is Phonak and Wislex (sp?). She prefers Oticon because of its AI. I dont know…Im thinking i may not need all this fancy stuff and maybe just go back to a delta 6000. Very confused and disappointed at the moment.

she she said AI, she refer to parallel procesing (aka: artificial intelligence)
this is a company mind set… that said. oticon do not believe in auto program switching (like phonak)… so it depends upon what do you believe it is correct.
I must say, phonak for instance has a dif approach (acoustic scene analys.) once it detects a noise or speech it would jump into a program…
Again, I have seen equally satisfied clients for both companies…
That said, you should be fine provided your audi, HIS is conf. fitting that brand and performs REM…

I would like to ask what would be reasonable way to say thanks but no-thanks…I plan on returning the Vigo’s and setting up an appointment with new audi (I am hating having to be without any ears - but it has to be done). He has spent alot of time, but useless time. If he had completed (or had the knowledge to have done) some testing verification we would not have had spent as much time. I have been out ALOT of gas and time driving 11/2 hrs to try and get them adjusted correctly. I am not going to do this anymore. I do not feel I owe them anything, or do I? I just want my $2,000 deposit and for me to be on my way. What do you think?