Victus Smartphone Glass--marketing industry is still at it!

Don’t how many of you have heard of this, but Corning recently came out with a new smartphone glass that’s supposed to be more scratch resistant, as well as break resistant. Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra (~$1400) is the first phone to have it. I was pretty skeptical when I read about it in that the press release didn’t mention the traditional Mohs hardness scale, but instead mentioned the Knoops hardness scale. Victus is supposedly 4 times more scratch resistant than other Corning Glass. I recently saw an online test of a Note 20 Ultra and the glass scratched with a #6 Mohs pick just like all other smartphone glass did. Marketing is alive and well!

I see that JRE didn’t properly announce the model of phone being evaluated in the title of his video. That’s unusual.