Vibrosonic - a contact lens for the ear

This looks interesting from Germany.

Use Google translate to translate to English. I don’t know how good this could be, but it certainly looks small:

Well, I do agree that when the the hearing drum is stimulated directly, you’ll get a sh*tload of sound. I also wonder whether that is going to be pleasant and most importantly what the long term effects will be on the hearing. What is the chance of damage after prolonged use?

Most importantly, however, is that there is very little information given. You’ll have to try to know what’s really about. I wouldn’t mind a trial if the costs were low, though.

Cosmetically - FANTASTIC! Along the same lines as the Lyric aids here.

I’d just be cautious of ear infections, depending upon my audiologist to change the battery and sound quality.

On the PRO side tho, WHO wouldn’t want hearing as near to normal as possible 24x7?!?!? I literally enter an outer space-like vacuum at night with aids out. Great for sleep, but not safe if I have my own room when traveling.

Given my wooden “doorknob” ears, tho, I doubt I’d be a candidate for anything so discreet, LOL! :neutral_face:

Both are advertized as contact lenses for your ear: Looking at the yearly subscription for the Lyric aids, I wonder whether that point to the way it marketed and generates money or whether they claim that hearing aids now become as good as correcting hearing as contacts are at correcting sight.
Realistically, I will be the first, but it is nice to go to bed with the idea that it might be the second.