Very upset with custom receivers from Phonak

My new Audeo Marvels came in.

My custom embedded are MP receivers. They are smearing and sound terrible. Why phonak MPs with my loss…no

The app… when a phone call comes in, the app doesn’t work.
The app…when one is streaming music …no ability to adjust bass/treble/ mid-range. WTF?
Where you may want the most to al flexibity, there is none.

I am beyond aggravated.

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Now watch, because my receivers are embedded in titanium earpieces, Phonak will take their sweet time. My audiologist ought to be able to get on the phone in a case like this…and those new receivers ought to be here tomorrow. I am disappointed in how their app works. How Conscientious they weren’t is amazing. If they don’t get crap fixed on the double, I will go back to Quattro.

Phonak takes a while for their receivers, but I can say that ReSound’s custom receivers have been the biggest hearing aid headache in the long run that I’ve ever experienced. I went through over 5 sets of HP receivers. Their QC is terrible in this department, and my audiologist asserts I am not alone. Not sure if unique to ReSound HP receivers but I doubt it is. Thought they would have fixed it with Quattro, but at the end of my 6 week trial the left receiver was showing signs of failure. Insanity. I hope you can get the receivers to your liking for phonak because once they’re right, they are impressively reliable and the build is clearly better.

In regards to the app, you have found two limitations of it. I’ve actually never needed to adjust it during those times. Those streaming settings need to be set in Target. If you’re having trouble hearing, consider increasing the toggle to more of the stream sound rather than background noise. I personally prefer Phonak’s app to ReSound at this point due to customization of the dynamic range, though ReSound does have some benefits.

At the end of the day, sound clarity between Quattro and Marvel was what made me stay with Marvel. And that was before we had an app that was actually functional.

Edit: I meant UP receivers, not HP receivers in all of the above.

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I have the Quattro’s and I find the ap extremely handy. I am a tinkerer by nature , and I want the ability to get things adjusted the way I want them when I want them. My prior pair was the Resound Linx 7 and I did get custom molds for them, and have had no issues, escorting that the molds are less comfortable than the domes. I have domes now, and with the tech improvement I am okay without the molds.

This is tangential to this topic.

I sent an email to Phonak a couple weeks ago…
At work, I use a 2way Motorola vhf radio. That I had specially Bluetooth enabled so I could hook it to my Resound phone clip. I used LE BLuetooth for the phone.
With Phonak Marvel, allegedly one may have 2 devices paired and one active. Great.

I am greedy and want more.
I want to hook multiple Bluetooth and wired devices up to a device that then wirelessly connects to my hearing aids.
I want this device to…
1 be able to prioritize
JL audio makes a component in their clean sweep line that takes 4 sources. 1 is highest priority and 4 is lowest. So there is automatic switching.
2 be able to mix/overlay
This can be done. There was a small mixer made for awhile that allowed mixing and overlaying 2 Bluetooth sources and transmitting to a Bluetooth speaker.

The tech exists. So shrink it and implement it

I got to looking.
I am a motorcycle rider.
Look at the Sena 20s Evo.
It does EXACTLY everything above except… it only goes out to the wired mic and helmet speakers. So I need a device to turn those wired connections into Bluetooth for connection to the hearing aid …Phonak. …or to a phone clip…Resound.

So don’t tell me this can’t be done…everything is there… Build me the device.

I am swinging by the motorcycle dealership to pick up a 20s Evo. They understand what I want it for and gave me one heck of a discount.

I am going to find a device to handle the final part. Then I am going to use it. If it all works well. I want to hit Phonak really hard on this. It would be a great addition to their line.

What are your opinions and ideas???
Am I on to something really cool for us hearing impaired folks?

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Might this be what you’re looking for?

It may take some adaptation of the plugs but it seems to be something that supports both listening and talking on the headphones.

That being said, the microphone quality of the Marvels may suffer inside a motorcycle helmet.

Since the Sena 20s Evo already has a good (?) wind-filtered microphone, it seems that you should just use a wireless connection for the received audio. So all you need is to get the Sena speaker audio to your HA’s.

You can do that with an audio loop clip or any headphone BT transmitter, like the canonical TaoTronics:

Before you chose to go with the titaniums, your provider didn’t mention that they are built out of one lab in Vietnam and therefore have a considerably longer turn around time?

If they are just ripping out the MP and putting in a P it should be fine because it can be done in-continent, but the P is a fair bit chunkier. If the shell needs to be remade it will be long.

If you aren’t sending your current molds in, then the shell will of course need to be remade.

I don’t understand. Can the BT taotonic transmit to phonak HA? How do you pair it?

Then unless the Marvel Sky has Telecoil announced, I will be waiting. It is a shame because these things look awesome. The fit was excellent.

You, for some reason, deleted your post.

Here it was. I am taking and putting it back because you make good points. They are points I want to address.


Start of Tenoch’s post:

I read in this forum continuous demands on connectivity and technology in our hearing aids and I am surprised how audiology issues have been relegated to the background many times.

Many of us want rechargeable hearing aids requiring a longer life than a laptop or mobile phone but with a battery 100 times smaller. We want headphones that connect to multiple devices at the same time with the excuse that this technology already exists without taking into account that the devices that do that are five to ten times larger than a hearing aid.

What about audiology? Is nobody aware that we have hearing problems? That the only difference between a hearing aid and an earbud is in audiology? By the way we have been complaining about the aesthetics of hearing aids for years and now it turns out that we can wear horrible earbuds with no aesthetics problems.

Let the companies work in rechargeable and connectivity in a consistent way since it is a technology that does not belong to them but depends on the development of third parties and demand that they advance in audiology that is really what they do. Due to these demands in technology some hearing aids brands have not offered something new in audiology for years.

End of Tenoch’s post

Distilled your post

  1. Why the concentration upon connecting to other devices?
  2. Why do we expect all this in a package that is very small yet works well?
  3. Why the concentration on aesthetics?
  4. Has all of this diverted attention from the main focus and purpose of hearing aids?

One… Other devices are ubiquitous. We often spend as much or more time communicating over devices and consuming content over devices than we do communicating face to face. There can be debate over whether this is good or not, but that isn’t relevant here.

Two…We expect this technology to be miniaturized with many important improvements such as stability and exceptional battery life because the hearing aid companies charge the crap out of us. So yes, I expect them to be able to replicate the abilities of a $30 device. They only need miniaturize. They often are not working from scratch.

Three…Many people want their hearing aids to be as discreet as possible for fear of discrimination. Personally, I have literally said…give me the functionality I want. Aesthetic appeal isn’t my concern. It is hard to get the manufacturers to listen to this since most do care. My Quattro aids are red. The Marvel aids are white. If I transitioned to Sky, they would be as garish as I could get. Why? I WANT them as visible as possible. I work in a steel mill where slag dust is everywhere. Grease is everywhere. If they pop out of my ear for any reason, I want to be able to see them. At home, I have hard wood floors. The chestnut color that disappears in my hair also disappears on my floor. My eyes are worse than my ears. I suspect I am almost legally Helen Keller. Plus if people notice I wear aids, they tend to place emphasis on getting through to me or they don’t talk at all. I have worn aids since 1976. If you don’t want to talk, to hell with you. If you take initiative and try to make sure I understand, I am not going to be insulted. In fact, God bless you.

Four…Have the manufacturers neglected hearing for feature sets? Perhaps…Probably. The feature sets are low hanging fruit. They can only concentrate here so much. The first main task is and should be hearing improvements. Yet, are not the feature sets part of that? Phonak as much as stated…hey we want you to hear better…here is tech that will work with most hearing aids to help you…Roger. The Roger Select allowed me to attend a meeting and presentation with over 100 other attendees yesterday. That tech was so good that it overcame the inadequacy of the embedded receivers in the Marvel aids. I heard the speaker, the conversation from beside me, the conversation behind me, the conversation across the aisle. The speech discrimination was a revelation. I am very excited to use it again when I have the proper receivers in the hearing aids.

So I think you are worrying too much.

I want music to sound as good through my aids as it does through my Westone UM30 earbuds. That’s what I want. You know my opinions on aesthetics. I am all function over form. Get me the ability, THEN miniaturize it. Some have tried to insinuate that full sound isn’t the job of hearing aids. They concentrate on speech. I want you to concentrate on getting me as close as possible to normal hearing in EVERY way. That includes reproducing the whole spectrum to get me as close to normal hearing as you can. Give me BETTER than normal hearing if you can.

The Marvel aids are more than $6000. I paid less for my car…a 2001 Miata. Less than for my motorcycle…a 2005 BMW R1200RT. I damn well want all I can get for that kind of money. I also want these companies to listen to me for that kind of money.

I tried Signia. They brushed me off. My concern was that their receivers were not anywhere close to the power range advertised. To address my loss, I would have had to use the most powerful receiver in Signia’s line. My hearing isn’t that bad and you are lying about the capabilities of your receivers. Signia can kiss my rear end. If they can’t lower themselves to talk decently to an Audiologist about issues…

So there are my thoughts on your reply. Don’t delete legitimate concerns. You make good points. I replied. Your post was good which is why I copied it out of my email and put it back and then addressed it.

[My Audiologist and I had this discussion. We talk and debate a lot. I think the world of Doug. He has moved heaven and earth for me. My Audi from 1976 to 2011/2012 was awesome as well. Both guys were/are private boutique providers. I also have the noahlink wireless interface. Some Audiologists will simply refuse to work with you… Doug and I had a serious discussion. It bothered him. Yet, he knows I know stuff. He had his lawyer draft a paper that states that any damage to my hearing resulting from me playing inside my hearing aids is not his fault and I will not hold him liable for what I do. I think that is fair and actually very wise on his part. ]

Interesting how some HA molds (custom molds) allow audi to switch/replace receivers at audi office. Presto - in five, ten minutes you walk out with new receivers good for the next two years. Yet Phonak takes the route where the HA itself has to be shipped to Phonak for receiver replacement. I tend to think this is the wrong approach since you could be shipping your Phonak HA several times (over the life of the HA) just for receiver replacement. And in my opinion every time you send a hearing aid in for part replacement you always run a slight risk the HA won’t come back the same as it was before. All depends on who did the work on HA.

You are getting a couple things confused. Phonak isn’t at fault in the way you describe.

There are standard receivers and domes. Replace any time.

There are custom receiver molds that accept standard receivers. These switch out but they tend to wear where the receiver friction fits into the mold.

There are custom embedded molds with the receiver put in the mold permanently.

All are RIC/Rite setups. You can do any with all manufacturers. I use custom embedded. Furthermore, I use custom embedded titanium.

The fault with Phonak In my case is in selecting the wrong receiver to embed.

Just to clarify. I deleted my post because I thought I could divert the topic from this conversation and what I have done has been to create a new topic for discussion in the forum with same words :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a Bluetooth transmitter, the Marvel is a Bluetooth receiver. You put the HA in pairing mode by turning it on, you put the Taotronics (in xmit mode) into pairing mode by pushing a button or something, and the two pair with each other.

Just as you can transmit from a laptop or from a TV with a little Bluetooth box, you can transmit from this little Taotronics gadget. You can plug it into anything with an audio source.

Drawbacks are those with any Bluetooth device. It takes up one of your two BT pairings in the Marvel, connection reluctance, forgetting pairings, transmit to R HA and link to L HA malarkey, etc.

Advantages are that it’s tiny, it has a built in battery with hours of transmit lifetime. Both of these set it above the Phonak TV Connector for mobile use because the TV Connector may have easier linking and a faster, more reliable connection event but is relatively bulky and has no internal battery.

Does that answer your question?

Yes, I know. It doesn’t hurt to have multiple copies and similar conversations. Storage space is cheap. 8.3 file names are obsolete

The issue is that I want the bidirectional communication. I am looking for a Bluetooth adapter that will take a Bluetooth stereo headset with microphone and turn it wired. I don’t want the Bluetooth device to have its own mic. I want to utilize the microphone in the headset.

In this case, the headset is the phonak marvels. In this case, the device I want to wire into is a motorcycle intercom set like Cardo Freecom 4+ or Sena 20s Evo. I want the device to connect to the phonak hearing aids via Bluetooth and give me a microphone output and a stereo headphone input for connecting to the intercom set. This could also be used for anything really. If the intercom was set up so that a wireless headset could connect to it, then things would be awesome. The intercom would be the media multiplexers and router. The devices like phones and gps hook to it via Bluetooth. The wireless headset hooks to it via Bluetooth. But no, no one has had the foresight to create a Bluetooth device to mix and prioritize sources and allow connectivity to a Bluetooth headset. Think a phone clip that can connect to 4 Bluetooth devices simultaneously. That phone clip also attached to the hearing aid via some radio technology. Via app, the sources can be prioritized and selected for overlaying.

yes,thank you. i have one and have used it on planes to connect to BT headphones. i just didn’t realize it would connect to marvels the same way without a loop. i fly again next week and will try it. thank you again this is terrific.

OK. That’s what that Motorola Radio Bluetooth Adapter will do, in the earlier post I made. It’s built to work directly with a walkie-talkie (in terms of the plug conformation), but it does exactly that. It takes the headphones and microphone of a BT headset, connects to the headset, and then provides speaker input plug and microphone output plug for the audio equipment. It’s made for a 2-way radio but should be adaptable for any audio device.

You might have to [have someone] rewire the final plug to fit whatever plugs or sockets on the equipment you’re connecting it to.

So, what I was saying in the later reply with the Taotronics headphone module, was that if you’re already using the Sena 20s Evo, and you use Marvel HA’s, you wouldn’t need a separate headset, because the Sena 20s Evo looks like it’s equipped with road-ready microphone and included speakers. In that case, if you wanted to use your “built-in” HA’s instead of the Sena’s in-helmet speakers, you could make that final audio-output link with a simple headphone module.

So it all boils down to whether you’re going to try to use your HA’s for listening at the very least (with the Sena and its built-in boom mic), versus a separate headset/mic combo.

The reason I was thinking that way about the Sena is from this picture of it, with the attached (though optional, as it appears) boom mic.

I have actually went the Cardo Packtalk Bold Duo JBL .

I will not have the wired input for a 3rd source. I will have a waterproof unit. The reviews are much better in about every way. There is also sharing abilities etc. So I am going to explore those too. I am a motorcycle rider, so I will also use them in the bike. I may just end up using the speakers and if all is as advertised.