Very sore ears

Remag1234, would you be able to post a shot of those titanium molds? I go in to pick up my new silicone custom molds in a week, and IF I turn out to be allergic to that material, perhaps I could send my new impressions in to Phonak for the titanium ones?

OOOOOOHHHHHH. Fingers crossed I’ll just be okay with the silicone ones, but I have a history of allergic reactions in my EARS only. Like the skin in them is from a Martian? :robot:

image image0031

They been delayed for 2 weeks. I’ll post pix as soon as I receive them.

Is this a picture of a titanium earpiece?! DO TELL! It looks real similar to the typical silicone power double-dome in shape.

Yes, those are pictures of the Titanium earmold from Phonak documentation.

Wow those are cool! Can anyone tell me why titanium would be a better choice than silicone? Also, aren’t they relatively inflexible (albeit light as a feather!)?

My problem is swollen ear canals every morning when I wake up. My ear canals tolerate the double-dome silicone tips, but the flesh colored HARD plastic earmold was tolerated the best - no idea why! I had to give them up a couple years ago cuz I couldn’t JAM them in my swollen ears every morning. At least the current, smoke topaz colored silicone double domes have more “give” to them.

And even then, a couple times a year I have to swap on a (S/M) dome on the left receiver cuz the size (L) simply HURTS in that ear.

For now, I’ll see how the custom silicone ear tips do when I pick them up next Mon. But a proper SEAL is KING with HAs, for ensuring the optimum sound quality.

I think the point is that some people have silicone sensitivities in their skin. Titanium is a very inert, un-reactive metal. It is often used in electrodes or other applications where you don’t want a metal to chemically react, corrode, etc. My educated guess would be that titanium produces fewer sensitivity reactions against people’s skin. To wit, some people use titanium earrings because they have silver or gold sensitivities.

I would expect them to be [relatively] inflexible but no worse to use than hard Lucite earmolds.

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Titanium is considered medically inert. I have a 20 cm titanium rod and three titanium screws in my left femur. I know folks who have had knee and hip replacements using titanium in those new joints as well.

This is GREAT to know! I have a horrible Lucite/acrylic sensitivity in my ears - no matter if the manufacturer says they are “hypoallergenic”.

But IF I’m sensitive to the molded silicone tips, I’ll spare no expense to get titanium ones made. As a test, I wore one of my silicone swimming plugs in ONE ear for an entire night. No prob the next morning!

I’m eager to try the new tips out, and will have my answer by early next week after I’ve worn them for a few 14-hr days.

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