Very positive experience at Enfield, CT Costco

I went to have another hearing exam today. This was my third visit, each time to a different location. Today I went to a Costco and given a thorough exam, a pair of trial units, and was permitted to walk about the store with them on as I shopped. It was without a doubt the most thorough exam I had been given, even exceeding the test administered at an otologists office. The test equipment produced a familiar printout of my hearing loss which everyone refers to as a “cookie bite”. Based on my type of hearing loss as well as what was important to me, the audiologist recommended the Bernafon, Juna 9. I had gone in hot for a pair of Trax 42’s, but I really trusted “Mike” the examiner’s opinion. After loading in my settings, he put them on me. Immediately, I could hear better! I walked about the store for nearly a half hour with them on. It was fantastic! I could hear again. Never once did I ask my wife to repeat herself. It was wonderful! I went back to the hearing aid center, and immediately placed an order for a pair. The pair cost $2,600.00, and are supplied with a free remote as part of a special. I was really impressed with the Enfield, CT Costco, and would recommend them highly to anyone in the area. I get my units in about 3 weeks.

How are they working out for you? I am considering a pair. The Trax 42 have not worked out for me.