Very loud noise not outside my head

@debbie_o @nelhop There indeed have been extratropical cyclones over the Great Lakes region. It’s likely with our increasingly unstable climate these will increase in frequency. Here’s a Google search with some pertinent history.

@JordanK An interesting thought but the internal implant is unpowered without the external processor in place so it would have to be an very strong field to do what you’re suggesting.

Glad you got an appointment. Things just seem better when you know what’s going on, no guessing. Good luck tomorrow, let us know how that goes.
Did you have tinnitus before?

Two episodes so far today. The second started as I was beginning my drive to the audiologist appointment. It’s a 45 minute drive and was still roaring in my head at the appointment. In a way I was glad because she could check on the processor and implant and see if there was any indication of a problem while it was going on. There wasn’t. No unusual response to the testing of the implant. The “mapping” was a problem with the noise. How do you tell two soft beeps when enveloped with loud noise? We finished the mapping. She said tinnitus events were not uncommon with cochlear implants and often go away. But she said she would contact the surgeon about my problem. She can get through to him easier than I can :). I will report anything I learn.


This I have not read or know.
I sure hope these noises (Tinnitus) go away for you as she said.

I would call and ask someone. Guesses from a professional usually are better than guesses from us and are probably better at reducing anxiety

Did you have tinnitus before your CI surgery?

Before surgery I sometimes experienced a very low hum that I could only hear in absolute quiet. This is quite different.

I received a reply from my audiologist. She had contacted the surgeon. Here is her reply to me:
“I forwarded my note and your comments over and he agrees that your description is consistent with tinnitus/headnoise. He stated that if you experience any dizziness along with the tinnitus to contact his office, but unfortunately there is no specific treatment for tinnitus/headnoise alone.”

I seem to have a bit of a headache but do not experience dizziness. Yesterday’s episode was 4 hours long. I guess I will learn to live with it. If I have anything new to report you will see it here in this forum.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply about your previous tinnitus.
I suspect what you are dealing with now many of us deal with 24/7 365 days a year. It can be maddening.
Hopefully these episodes will fade away in time as your audiologist has said.

The noise, knock on wood, seems to have mostly gone away. For a couple of days I experienced a low hum that I managed to ignore. Yesterday and today, nothing :). Sure hope it lasts.


It’s really good to hear the noise in your head is going away. Your AUD said this typically happens, that’s good.
Thanks for the.