Very loud noise not outside my head

Suddenly an hour or so ago I started to “hear” an extremely loud noise on the left side of my head where my C.I. is. I turned the Nucleus 7 processor off. I still hear the noise. Usually without my processor I am totally deaf. But I continue to hear/feel this sound. It is a low constant sound. My husband cannot hear it. Is it originating in the implant? I had the surgery on June 20 and have had a couple of mappings since. Everything seemed to have gone well until this sudden noise that does not seem to go away. I have an appointment for a mapping on Monday, 8/10. I hope I can stand this sound until then. Any thoughts?

Sound like tinnitus to me, I have read that even with the CI surgery you can still have tinnitus.

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7 weeks since the implant. Has everything gone well until now?
Have you taken any medications?
Hopefully someone can help you with this.
I for one want to know about this.

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Hard to believe it’s tinnitus all of a sudden. Call either your audi or your surgeon

Thanks to all for your thoughts. After several hours it went away as suddenly as it started. I’ll never know the cause. I suppose it could have been tinnitus. Sure hope it doesn’t come back.

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That’s great news.
I would love to hear what your AUD or doctor says about it. Haven’t read about this happening to other implant members.

Your cochlea, hair cells, etc. are going to continue being affected by the presence of the electrode for a long time. Different processes go on inside the cochlea that aren’t well understood. There are a lot of studies on this. I get periodic louder or softer ringing; my tinnitus is definitely better since my activation, but it’s still there. It actually has made it much easier now to hear the ringing in my unimplanted ear. Sigh…

Glad it went away. This is the kind of thing that it’s very reasonable to call physician about. They have somebody on call to deal with situations like this.

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Doesn’t the implant use an induction coil under the skin to connect with the external microphone. I’m wondering if this coil was picking up some high powered electrical interference?

The noise is back. Worse than before. I’m in the midst of a hurricane or tornado. If I had any hearing this is loud enough to destroy it. I hope I can stand it till Monday afternoon when I see the audiologist.

Why not call the audiologist or surgeon?

This is Saturday. I don’t have a personal phone number for the audiologist and the office is closed until Monday. Same with the surgeon. I’m just going to have to live with this until Monday.

You’re choice, but I’m sure the surgeon’s office has an answering service (you just call the office number) that can get ahold of the surgeon. I’m doubtful about the audiologist, but it could be worth a try.


And now 4 hours later, the noise is gone again. It’s a mystery. Good to know it does go away after a while but a problem if this is going to occur often.

Have you noticed anything that could be triggering the noise?

No, but since it happened a second time I will certainly be alert for anything that could be a trigger

I’m going to throw this out there. There was a hurricane going on at the time thr noise happened. Is it possible something to do with the hurricane, a change in pressure with the weather could cause such a loud noise?

I haven’t been activated yet so I can’t say I’ve experienced anything like this. In the midwest, we don’t get hurricanes. Just a thought. Can weather affect an implant?

How’s it going?
Have you had any more episodes?

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Debbie_o, That is an interesting thought. A change in atmospheric pressure. I live in Michigan and hurricanes don’t really affect us although an occasional tornado comes our way. Of course other types of storms do come with changes in pressure. This weekend has been quite warm but pleasant with clear skies. My mentioning of a hurricane was that I thought that’s what a hurricane must sound like although I have never experienced one. Yes, a tornado did us some damage once and it was loud.

Raudrive, yes I had another episode this evening. I started the air conditioner as it was getting rather hot in the kitchen. The blower does make a bit of noise but not much. Whether that was the trigger I don’t know but suddenly the noise in my head was back. Fortunately, this time it went away within a half hour.

I got a reply to an email I sent to my audiologist. I have an appointment with her tomorrow. She thought tinnitus but will check the implant. What is so surprising to me is that I have never had that kind of a problem before. Why now?

I appreciate all your thoughts. This is a great forum.


@nelhop I’m in Illinois, so we don’t have hurricanes and it’s doubtful a hurricane would form over Lake Michigan. LOL! I didn’tvrealize that you were comparing the noise to a hurricane. In Michigan as you said a tornado, yes. That would be that loud freight train like noise. That does make sense.

Since I am newly implanted (will be activated on 8/18), that noise would be a concern of mine. Does weather affect a cochlear implant? Who knows maybe, maybe not. Let us know what your audi says about that noise. It’s good to have a reference to this topic in case someone else has the same thing happen.

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