Very happy with my Phonak Roger Pen

Oh wow im in awwwww. So i use Roger pen! Today i was at my sons grandmother and in her yard. We were distanced by more then 4 meters and there was music coming from behind me to my right. They were in front of me to my right. I placed the pen horizontally so in omni mode about 1.5 meters from them to capture everyobe around them, my son, his girlfriend and them ay about 3 meters apart face to face.

I heard every single word. I was in awwww. I heard everything. I was part of the conversation. I was like hearing like they were. They could hear me and Normally if music is playing i cant understand them. I would have to lip read or get closer or its what what what what what . Nothing. I am in love with them. I just had to share. I just cant believe it!!!

I do have an audiologist appt next Wednesday to try sky 30 but sincerely, I think i will not be as impressed as sky with no Roger. So maybe sky with Roger. But then will it be worth the 3800 pair of sky plus 1800 for 2 roger receivers? Not sure. Im really hesitating after this ultimate success day!


I’ve got all the Roger stuff, pen, select, clip-on mic, use them all but use the pen the most.


I would definitely try the Sky HAs as I remember you saying that the adaptive gain doesn’t work on the Roger whiles on the phone. If you are getting the M30 then you should be able to stream directly and it’ll be easier to take phone calls.

I’ve got the Sky B90 and the Audéo M50. Even tho the M50 is not top of the range like the B90, I feel I hear better with the M50 as it’s newer in technology. Speech just seem to have clarity.

The only thing I don’t like about the Sky is that the Sky doesn’t have the tinnitus feature. I don’t have tinnitus but I find ‘pink noise’ helps relax me.

What are you hoping to improve upon with Sky? Nothing is going to be “perfect” and it sounds like you’re pretty darned close! Congrats on your success.

Awesome! I know that feeling, few weeks ago for the first time I streamed things to my ear and I almost cried how good it was. Not perfect, but hell, I never thought that I would hear like that.

I can’t wait to test pen also, I hope I’ll have as great results as you did! Thanks for sharing!

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I have a Roger IN and this past Thursday I had my first office meeting since I got the Roger. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I heard every word.

Also, I left it on the table and went to the back of the office for a drink and I was able to hear the people in the meeting. It was like I was eavesdropping.

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Haha my kids told me im like superwomen. My son forgot the pen on him and was talking ro his girlfriend. He said something like lets ask my mom if blag blah blah and i answered him hahaha :slight_smile: oops.

I waited to trial sky before answering you ao i dont get biased. My expectations was in not too much noise i can understand my kids with out constantly holding or them having a mic.

And it works well. I have trialed it for 30 days now and love it. But definately missing the roger tech for situations where i just can’t hear do to noise. :slight_smile:

One thing that has changed since we talked before is Costco’s KS9. It is now compatible with Roger technology. It might be the most economical approach to get a hearing aid compatible with Roger. Glad you’re finding the Sky helpful, but not understanding why you don’t have Roger anymore.

Covid issue. I was supposed to trial sky with roger. Hearing aid dispenser does not sell roger and roger dispenser was closed. So I used my focus with roger and sky with no roger. It let me see that hearing aids alone are non effective but do work in situations wherein im home or even outdoors in quiet environment. It made me see the extent of the hearing aid limitations.

Trial is over on monday. I will return hearing aids and use focus with roger till i get my nee hearing aids with roger receiver :slight_smile: i will now officially always have hearing aids and roger pen. Eventually i will buy the roger select :slight_smile:

All in all im really excited. The trial was really enlightening.