Vertigo cause?

I have profound hearing loss and tinnitus. In the past couple of years I was told I had vertigo. One doctor stated it was from the Tinnitus and profound hearing loss the other stated it was from a stroke I had when I was about 6 years old. I am now 73 and I did not even know I had a stroke until they did an MRI a couple of years ago. I have no other problems except the tinnitus and profound hearing loss. Is it even possible that a 67 year old stroke could cause the vertigo now? Stroke was due to hear trauma.

I developed Menieres last year when I was 70 and the docs blamed it on an ear injury I sustained when in the military in 1967!

Although I have some medical background, I really don’t know if a stroke from 67 years ago could cause vertigo now. My “gut” impression is that it’s unlikely. I’m unclear on how they know the stroke was when you were 6 years old if you didn’t even know you had a stroke? Thoughts: 1) It’s always ok to get a second opinion. My first thought would be a neurologist. 2)It might be worthwhile getting a referral to physical therapy.

I was at beach with sister and parents… My sister threw a metal sand shovel at my head and it stuck in forehead above right eye. I passed out, they pulled shove out and I walked around for about a month with a patch over my right eye. Did not hurt the eye and never went to the doctor. Had MRI a few years ago and it showed up on the MRI. Doctor asked if I ever had trauma to the head when I was young and I explained what happened. He said that is when I had the stroke. he stated that part of the brain is really not used and I was lucky. I said most of my brain is not used. He laughed.


Thanks. I wouldn’t expect that part of the brain to impact vertigo (vertigo is more related to brainstem/cerebellum), but I’m definitely no expert.