Vertigo....Can it be controlled

I’m on day four with a vertigo attack, my first. I was diagnosed with meniere,s over 13 years ago but have never suffered with vertigo until now, out of nowhere, when I got up out of the recliner to go to bed the walls were moving and my balance was off. The next morning I could barely get to the bathroom. When I laid back in bed it felt like weights inside my head would shift to the back of my head and cause my head to be forced down. If I moved my head even a 1/2 inch I would get dizzy and feel nauseous. I was almost certain what I was experiencing was true vertigo. Stayed in bed all that day. Next morning I moved to the recliner and my wife called my ENT. They confirmed over the phone it sounded like vertigo. He called in something for the nausea and a steroid pack. Day 3 was much better. I could walk around wo getting nauseous and the walls stopped moving and I could focus again, so I started researching the net.

After reading as much as I could, here and elsewhere, I’ve figured out there’s not much doctors or medications can do to prevent vertigo from reoccurring, so I’ve decided to drink more water, a lot more water and start taking a magnesium supplement. I’m almost certain this came on because I let my guard down with my salt intake and unnoticed dehydration. Also I’m going to start back exercising (had Covid about six months ago which depleted my energy level and never got back in the routine) hopefully this will keep vertigo in control, if that’s possible.

Anyone else doing something similar or different to help keep vertigo dormant?


I feel your pain I’ve got menieres and its a nightmare! The sad thing is there is nothing much that can be done about. The ENT here in the UK offered injections into my middle ears but said the outcome possibly either send me completely deaf or mess up my balance a lot more so it was a no go for me and I’ll to live with it!

I can’t lay flat, look down or lay on my right hand side at a certain angle without everything starting to spin! Going around a corner fast in a car or going on a water ride makes thing worse because of the g force too so a real nightmare all round! I once went for about 4 months where my balance messed with my eyesight, everything that I focused on bounced up and down!

So, your not alone with the Meniere thing I feel your pain! I have found the alcohol really makes it worse tho but I do still enjoy a few to many gins pmsl!


I am so sorry you are going through this. Sure wish I could help.

Your plan of health and exercise do sound like a good plan. Breaking a sweat every day is good for you.

Good luck.


I have Meniere’s too. Before I was diagnosed they kept telling me I had migraines with vertigo. I still have the migraines along with meniere’s. My veritgo was so bad I actually broke my two during a vertigo attack. Night time is the worse because when I lay down at night it feels like I have been out drinking and I’m drunk. Now I take Meclinzine and xanax at night, it has also helped with my vertigo attacks they are not as severe and not as many. Here is a piece of an article that I read and discussed this with my doctors: In general, medications that decrease symptoms (eg, meclizine [Antivert], droperidol [Inapsine], prochlorperazine [Compazine], diazepam [Valium], lorazepam [Ativan], alprazolam [Xanax]) only mask the vertigo. These masking agents are vestibulosuppressants and work by dulling the brain’s response to signals from the inner ear. Search the internet and read articles about this.

This isn’t a perfect solution but It has helped me, and I keep the xanax in my pocket all the time because if I feel like vertigo is coming on I take this immediately and If I catch in time the attack is not bad at all or will go away.
I hope this infomation helps you.

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Hello, Common Vitamins and Supplements to Treat vertigo

Vitamin, I would take all the vitamins mentioned in that article. And also I personally preferred Costco vitamin brand.

The other thing I would do is to keep the haids beb to beb, mean; first thing when open my eye in the morning and take then off until really going sleep. Throughout the day I don’t laid back in bed but if you do don’t take off haids.

Deafness can produce vertigo, your ear should use full time haids.

Yeah, as Terry says it is a nightmare, I had Meniers for around 8 or so years, I would get cluster attacks, which could last a week, but sometimes 2 or 3 months… Eventually I was able to accurately predict an attack, as my “Tinnitus” got louder and louder, I knew when to lie down as an attack was very imminent… I was fortunate that my Meniers eventually burned out, but each attack tends to destroy your hearing, a little bit every time! In truth, I wished many times for Meniers to take all of my hearing, if the attacks would just stop… You have my extreme empathy for your present situation. Cheers Kev.

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Masking the effects of vertigo is something I’ll ask ENT about. The cause of vertigo is known I guess, I found this:

“ Vertigo is caused by calcium carbonate crystals forming in the inner ear. Minerals come out of solution when there is not enough liquid to keep them dissolved. There is not enough liquid because the body’s cells are not retaining water properly. Magnesium regulates water in cells.”

So if that’s true, then this seems to make sense to me:

“The medical profession believes that vertigo, or “benign position vertigo” as they call it, is caused by small crystals of calcium carbonate that collect within a part of the inner ear. No doubt that is correct.They often are very accurate about finding out technical stuff that they can learn from autopsies. But the most cutting edge of advanced western orthodox medicine still doesn’t make the connection that if the problem is minerals coming out of solution and forming crystals, the cure is to add more liquid. You can’t put water directly into the inner ear, of course, but by adding water to all the cells of your body you can rehydrate the balancing mechanism cells, and probably other dehydrated cells that you don’t know about as well.”


Almost sounds like gout.

The calcium carbonate crystals thing makes a lot of sense. I can feel the effect of them moving! If I look down for a second or two I start to feel dizzy and the longer I in stay in that position it gets a lot worse but after a minute or so the dizziness stops! once I raise my head again the process starts again so dizzy, dizzy, more dizzy and then painfully dizzy then it settles. So the idea of little crystals moving from one area of the balance organ to the next seems very much correct! The problem is how do we get rid of the calcium carbonate crystals and stop the problem!

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BPPV - benign paroxymal positional vertigo - is different than the vertigo from Meniere’s or vestibular migraines. I had BPPV and still do to a small extent. Don’t know if it was related to the sudden single-sided deafness (BPPV happened shortly after) or if it was caused by a hard fall that knocked the crystals loose. Anyway, it occurs when you move a certain way - for me, if I rolled over in bed to my right side, or sat up too fast from lying flat. I had the Epley maneuver done at an EMT office and also did it at home. It’s come back to a small extent and I need to do it at home again, but it’s not that bad so I keep putting it off.

I’ve also had the misfortune of vertigo attacks that could either be Meniere’s or vestibular migraines. The attacks would often come on suddenly, triggered by watching TV shows or movies where the camera pans at a rapid speed (I tried to watch The Wire, but had to turn it off because the camera would swing wildly left to right, right to left), or from reading while scrolling on my phone, tablet, or computer. Sometimes there was no obvious trigger. These were violent attacks where the world was spinning and I couldn’t even walk, accompanied by severe nausea and vomiting, that lasted hours. I had to lie in bed and literally hold on because I felt like I’d be knocked off. My doctor prescribed Zofran for the nausea (have to take it immediately or it doesn’t work) and xanax.

I haven’t had a violent attack in a year since I started taking magnesium, Vitamin K2+D3 and zinc, stopped wearing my progressive lens glasses (a PITA, since I have to carry two pairs of glasses all the time, but there’s no doubt they were making things worse), and get acupuncture once a month. I don’t have food triggers - I was already eating low sodium prior to the vertigo because my husband has to - but I still get that unbalanced feeling whenever there’s an abrupt change in the barometric pressure, e.g., the day starts out sunny and ends up stormy later in the day. If I take a low dose of xanax and focus on something that doesn’t move, like reading a book, it passes.

Vertigo sucks.


Drink lots of water, then drink more water and take magnesium. Hope it’s that easy.


Drinking water might help gout. There are several books about drinking large amounts of water (for a 200lb male almost a gallon a day) helping all kinds of medical problems, including bone and joints.

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I am a proponent of guaifenesin, antihistamines and lots of fluid. When that fails, I take meclizine. I have suffered with positional vertigo and tinnitus most of my life. As to a formal diagnosis, I have never had one. If you haven’t tried guaifenesin, I strongly recommend it. It is a fairly benign drug. Read and follow label.

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My wife, who has no hearing issues, is currently taking 25mg of meclizine 3x a day for vertigo believed to spring from migraines. She has no pain at all. We’re hoping in a month or so the neurologist will tell her to start tapering off. We’ve read about the maneuver to reposition the middle ear crystals, but if she has some, she can’t do the maneuver as she can’t lay flat. I wish you well getting this resolved.

Don’t know if this will help but I had an episode where the room started spinning and came out of nowhere. My family doctor first tested me for a stroke … passed. Did a full blood workup … no problems. Had me get a ultrasound carotid artery test to see if blood flow could be the issue … passed. Then he refer me to a Neurologist. Within 10 minutes the Neurologist said it was the inner ear crystals. The Neurologist gave me a prescription for Outpatient Vestibular Rehabilitation at a local hospital. On my first visit they had me wear goggles that I couldn’t see any light out of. In the goggles there were infrared cameras mounted that could track the movement of my pupils. The cameras verified my pupils ticking … i.e. jerking which they said verified it was indeed the crystals in my inner ear. In one visit I was probably 98% cured. Maybe 6 more visits and home exercises for balance and I was over it. They said that I would probably have slight recurrences that would gradually lessen and go away and they were absolutely correct. Good luck. John

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Thanks for sharing that John. My daughter is a athletic trainer. She’s wanting me to go to their PT that treats vertigo. She says he can help get the crystals back where they belong. If not better by Monday I’m going to see him.

Sounds exactly like my experience. The PT exercise helped immensely

:sunglasses: Thanks for feedback and hope if works out for you Tim4! John

I can relate to your experience and the experiences of those that have responded. I have both Meneier’s vertigo attacks and the dizziness caused by crystals out of place. The Hepley maneuver helps those and researching the University of Michigan + balance will lead you to good resources.

I have found that placing motion sensor lights in the bedroom helps offset dizziness that occurs at night when getting up in darkness. I have a battery operated one just under the bed that comes on when my feet hit the floor and goes off 30 seconds later. It gives my eyes clues which helps my balance.

For the Meniere’s vertigo, I get an injection in my ear periodically that helps. There are different types of injections and this ones does not risk additional hearing loss. The doctor really has to know what he’s doing and, in the US, doctors have to be certified for that treatment.

I also take the vitamin supplements mentioned by others. I hope your spells resolve soon. They are truly miserable.

I can see where that would help. I am much better now but getting up during the night and first thing in the morning is still kinda wobbly. Thanks for your input, very helpful.