Versata not recognised by Target


Hi, can anyone help please. I’ve tried to connect a Phonak Versata micro to Target and it does not recognize it but suggests using IPFG. Neither does IPFG - “not connected”



I saw your post earlier in the wrong category so I flagged it to be moved to this DIY section. Now that it is in the correct category I am able to respond.

As per Versáta Art Product Information (page 1) you should use iPFG version 2.6 or higher. Also on page 1 are instructions for cable connections. Are you familiar with the difference between CS44 cables and CA44a cables?



Hi, sorry about the wrong posting.
Using IPFG 8.6 and Tardet 5.2 with CS44A. Hipro goes through light sequence then reports "use IPFG ".
IPFG reports “not connected”. Do you know if this model was used by NHS in UK?



I dunno. But if they are NHS they are likely locked. You don’t provide much information. How do you know you are using CS44A cables instead of CS44.

  1. Did you test the pinout?
  2. Used the cables to program other Phonaks?


I realize I’m kind of inserting myself into the conversation her, but have you tried iPFG 2.6? It is available at the link on the software page:



Hi PVC and Corona,
thanks for your help.
I.m trying to teach myself Target so nothing is concrete at the moment.
I’ve bought a Hipro and some phonak CS44A cables from a forum audi.
Hipro setup with no reported problems and the HA is feeding back so I assume I have a connection.
Tried all versions off software from phonak
The Versata was advertised as working but from Ebay so another unknown.
Can I assume I have connected up OK if I have feedback with no battery fitted?
I just wondered if it may be from NHS but having searched the forum I couldn’t find any reference to other than private ones. Mike



Don’t use Target for Versata. Use iPFG version 2.6 or higher.
You don’t need to try all versions of software. Use iPFG version 2.6 or higher. iPFG 8.6 is okay to use.

I don’t know what you mean by “HA is feeding back” and “I have feedback with no battery fitted”.

Just because you ordered CS44a cables doesn’t mean you got CS44a cables.

  1. Did you test the pinout?
  2. Did you use the cables to program other Phonaks?

Here is the standard CS44 pinout. CS44a will have pins 3&4 reversed;



I’m pretty sure the versata weren’t used by NHS.
The fact that you are getting feedback from the hearing aids when connected to the hI pro is a clear indication that they are connected by getting power from the hi pro.
Now I see this as possibly a driver or/com port problem between the hi pro and pc/laptop.
What you need to do is when you open the ipfg software you can run a hi pro check which will check that the hi pro is connected to your pc using the correct com port and that the correct version is for your pc and a few other things.
Let us know exactly what version of windows you are using and if you are using USB or serial port cables.



Hi Tenkan,
Thanks for the help.
Yes Hipro passes self test and setup was straightforward thanks to the info on this forum.
I thought I must have a connection as you confirm. Will do a cable check as suggested by PVC just need a microscope!
Problem is I’m dealing with several unknowns as all items are from Ebay with exception of cables which came from someone on this forum, an Audi so I think there good.
Using W7 with serial/usb converter changed port as per this forum.



Oh, you got the old-junk/Serial Hi-Pro with cables all over the place. Did it come with a (tested working) serial-to-USB-cable? Or did it come with no cables and then you found the cables/converters/adapters/null-modems and what-not on EBay, like the following?
Need some HELP with Hi-pro(hi-crap)

Sorry for getting sidetracked, I’m guessing that your serial-to-USB cabling is okay because iPFG is able to recognize the Hi-Pro.



Please verify which fitting software you are using. There’s PFG, iPFG, and Target. You are not mistaking PFG for iPFG, right? You need iPFG version 2.6 or higher. Oh, and there ain’t no higher!

Which device is selected in iPFG 2.6e / Configuration / System Settings ?
It should be Hi Pro, not Noahlink, not iCube.

When you select a client and click detect do the lights blink on the Hi Pro?



Ok that’s what his problem is, as he said it was version 8.6 he was using, PGF is 8.6.
So all you need to do is download the correct version from here iPFG Software Downloads



Hi everybody,
IPFG 2.6 had defaulted from Hipro and the aid is not a versata micro but art micro.I now have recognition so on with the show.
Thanks to everybody for your help.

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