Venting hole , yes/ no?

how many of you guys have custom molds with venting holes?

I just had some made with venting holes and kinda regret it, put some curled up toilet paper in the vent to “seal” it up and the sound is alot richer. My hole is 0.8mm in diameter however I have a feeling that the whole sound is kinda muffled.

Anybody with similiar hearing loss in the low frequencies who actually thinks that venting is benefical to him/her?

I think I’ll go to my guy and will have the venting sealed up properly on both ears, there’s a little pressure there if it’s completely sealed but it kinda sounds like shit otherwise. raising the low frequencies didn’t do it, there’s just not enough juice coming through the ear with the vent. it’s like the receiver can’t create any bass and in a crowded area the highs simply mask out everything else. Like the receiver can’t build up enough pressure for the lows to reach my ear with that vent.

Your vent is 8mm or your ear canal diameter is 8mm? With your low frequency loss, I wouldn’t think you’d want much, if any venting. If you can tolerate them without any venting, they’ll correct your loss better.

if my ear canal was 0.8mm in diameter I would have serious problems :stuck_out_tongue: yeah it’s the vent.

I thought so too, after testing them now for 6 weeks with the mold, vent gotta go.

You got a serious problem if your vent is 8mm :grinning:

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^yeah it was a typo, it’s 0.8mm, not sure if you weren’t talking about my manlihood there :stuck_out_tongue:

With your hearing loss I would think you would need little or no venting. Talk to your audi and have them get you molds with adjustable vents, that way you can experiment and find exactly what size vent gives you the best hearing.

yeah I was thinking the same, with that 0.8mm vent, it’s still kinda big. The oticon Filter that covers my receiver is roughly 1.2 to 1.5mm in diameter, compared to that the venting hole does seem to have an impact. just called my guy and she can seal it up with acryl in no time, so I’ll do that.

No vents here. On the occasions an audiologist didn’t make the mold correctly and added a vent, I simply sealed them with with a dab of silicone caulk off the end of a toothpick. Of course, most modern digital aids will require re-calibration after this for best results…

I have the RIC KS7’s and really dislike the double or power domes. Much lesser problem with the tulips or standard ones. And none of that with the opens. What I get is too much pressure build up or pressure changes that screw around with my ears and I find it all very uncomfortable. Sure I have to use my still existing but not ideal natural hearing to hear lows but the pressure and the changes in pressure drive me nuts.

not sure how severe your hearing loss is, but if people constantly react to something around you, or talk with each other and you only get bits and pieces, you might think that is more annoying. especially in noise the higs kinda blend together and with subpar lows you cannot distinguish anymore, that’s the most annoying thing.

got them closed and it’s good, however I did notice that the fitting software calibrates an amplification that is rather low for me, I can’t understand people talk witch each other when I’m next to them but not directly adressed, also in a closed room some poeple sound like they’re rather whispering.

It’s like I need another 10dB to what the software suggests, is that rather uncommon?

goota see what total amplification I had on wednesday, but WR was 100% @ 100dB, I think I need them way more powered up, and my audi said that is very unusual.

Genie2 has 3 input levels for gain. One thing I noticed was I was thinking everyone was a soft speaker. So we bumped up the soft speech. When in reality it was even normal speech that was soft for me. We bumped the normal and loud speech which effectively lowered the compression levels. This worked well for me with people who I thought sounded quiet.

thx for the reply, yeah I also suspect that those lvls need a proper adjustment, will report to my audi.

My OPNs were too soft for me also, even thought the amplification was right on target using the Oticon VAC+ fitting protocol. Had audiologist run a real ear test which showed the high frequencies were quite low. Since I can do my own programming, but was inexperienced, I changed to the NAL-NL2 fitting protocol. The NAL-NL2 targets were noticeably higher. I have added about 10db at higher frequencies and am now quite happy with my hearing, speech clarity and even speech in noise. Since my domes are open, I am not using much noise reduction (Level 1) on the Automatic program, and clarity is still very good. I have Program 2 set with same amplification but max directional noise reduction, but rarely use it. I plan to get the real ear test rerun later this month, out of curiosity (can’t do that myself). I suggest yo ask your audiologist to switch fitting protocols from VAC+ to NAL-NL2, run feedback analyzer, but then manually set amplification to target using Fine Tuning.

Where do come up with this crap?

The AuD can usually select which fitting formula to use… If the OP wants the vent holes closed that should all of a minute. When they do that they will need to update the fitting software to closed molds and also rerun the feedback control. At the same he can have them raise the volume if that’s what the OP wants. Including closing the mold the whole deal take no more than 10 minutes.

well they kinda reduced compression by lowering the low lvl and raising the mids and highs by a couple of dB. that kinda worked, but they might have not been agressive enough in some small occasions I still have a ringing in the right side, but it’s the right direction.