Vented Molds?

I just received my new Costco HAs (Kirkland Premium 4.0), and in general I am very happy with them. My only problem is with the ear molds. Pressure builds up inside my ear, and makes them very uncomfortable (even painful).

Is anyone aware of a vented mold? I would think that in the molding process, they could insert some part (later removed) to make an internal path for air to move. I’m returning to my Audi next week to see what could be done in this regard (I don’t want to ask for the impossible).

Molds do come with vents, the size of the vent is determined by your hearing loss in the lower frequencies. If it is painful go into, or call the Costco you are going to and tell them, earmolds should never hurt or cause pain. Good luck!

My Siemens molds from Siemens have a very small vent. So, I think all the AD needs to do is spec when they send in the impressions.

What does your audiogram look like?

Like this?

Sometimes they will cut the vent but also insert a little flexible “stopper” in the vent that gives the pro the choice of venting or not venting. If that’s it you can remove it yourself.

They also have molds with adjustable vents. With these molds you have different size inserts that change the size of the vent hole and either you or your audi can insert different inserts. I don’t know if these are available for RIC custom molds though.

Should be.

I had no idea ear molds were vented. When I complained about ear pain and itching, all my audiolo/gist told me was I have to get used to wearing them all day every day and it will go away. Is it possible she was wrong and my real problem was the vent?

Not all molds are vented. Mine aren’t. But enough air gets by to provide comfort but not too much to produce feedback squeal. They would make lousy ear plugs on their own.

You might want to check out Phonak’s AOV (Acoustically Optimized Venting) that they provide with some of their customized ear molds.

Wrong. When a battery died in my ear or wax buildup made the HA useless, it became an earplug - the kind for blocking out noise.

Oticon Agils are being made for me now.

Both of my earmolds are vented, the right vent is much bigger than the left. For sometime I felt occluded but it was set without the vent. my Audi changed it, and I do not feel that I have anything in my ears, just feeling a part of community with almost natural hearing:D:D

With ear molds, if there is no vent and they completely fill up the ear, you will usually get an occluded feeling, because this both amplifies your own voice (similar to sticking your fingers in your ears) and it amplifies whatever low frequency sounds the aids are making. When there is a low frequency loss, sometimes we have to occlude the ear canal to be able to amplify those tones. Just high frequency losses can be more open - which is why RICS and open fit styles are good for those types.

Looking at your loss, DeafEngineer, you have a pretty substantial loss in the low frequencies and may need a good bit of occlusion to keep those at the volume you want. That said, I always put a SAV (select a vent) on those types so I have the option of venting.