Vent vs no vent

Ok, so I had my hearing checked again today and my audi suggested that I get earmolds with no vents. I’ve heard that these can be difficult to adjust to, so I wanted to get some feedback from others who have gone though this transition. Right now I’m doing pretty well with my current molds with a small vent, but any improvement would be appreciated.


I got the soft Westone molds with the adjust-a-vent. It comes with a rather large vent and a set of vent plugs in different calibers, so you can put in the vent size plug that works best for you, from completely blocked, to completely open, and several stops in between. You could even use different vents for different circumstances.

Don, that’s a great idea! Many thanks!

Currently my earmolds have a small vent, but I really don’t have much direct hearing anymore so not sure how much the vents help. I also have very narrow canals, so the molds mostly just fill the volume outside the canal.

In any case, I will look onto these!

With your loss, you need narrow vents to prevent feedback. However, you may find the soft molds more comfortable. Your comfort may be improved with a product like Eargene.

With your loss, acoustically, you do not need vents. I would recommend soft ear molds, but whether you get soft or hard technically does not matter. Either way, if I were the fitter, I almost always order a pressure vent. Then I try it in the office plugged up with a reducer. If I get no feedback and it feels ok to you, great. If I get feedback or if you feel a uncomfortably plugged up, it is an easy thing to pull out or make larger.

have you researched frequency lowering technologies?

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Thanks. My audi did suggest this, though I think I have some of this capability already on my Phonak Naidas. I don’t really have any hearing anymore in the mid-to-high frequencies, so I’m sure this would help. Actually, I don’t have a lot of hearing anywhere, but the highs are the worst.

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find an audiologist you can trust

I would get a price quote from your audi

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