Vent plug for RIC microPowers?


I have Phonak microPowers as my backup hearing aids.

Well, one of the hearing aids is very prone to feedback. I’d like to try a vent plugger to see if that would solve the problem.

The ear mold is a custom hard acrylic mold.

Anybody have any suggestions as to where to get vents online?

Also, I’ve noticed that vents can be different sizes. I’m not sure what size my vents are.

Thanks for any website that you can suggest.

One old school way would be to take some foam, and push it into the vent. Just a tiny piece should do it. It should lower the feedback, but may also create occlusion. You can experiment with different quantities of different materials and see what works for you.

Vents come with different size holes which let varying degrees of low frequency sound stay in the ear canal. If the vent hole is too small, your voice will boom inside your head and/or you may hear too much background noise. If you can, go to a local HA office to try different ones. You can also call your dispenser to see what size vent they ordered for you and see if they’d be willing to send you some.