Vehicles with least amount of cabin noise?

I am looking at buying a new-ish car and probably the most important feature is how much road noise I hear from inside. Has anyone researched the quietest cars? In terms of cabin noise, not engine noise, though I suppose that’s a factor too…Can’t afford a luxury car, but surely there must be some out there that are better than others, right?

All cars are quieter when new then they are after been driven for awhile. The quietest that I have ever been in was a Lexus. My wife and I have the jeep Grand Cherokee and it is very quiet for an SUV

Thanks. Of course I’d like to get the newest car I can, but I’m spending all my money on hearing aids…ha.

I think mentions that in their review. At least I’ve seen it for some cars. I have a Subaru Forester. The review said it was noisier than some of its classmates but I find it very pleasant.

Road noise can also depend on the quality of tires you have on the vehicle.

Car road noise can be reduced by having a coating done under the car. I had this done on a new car once as part of a package of rust/fabric protection/“soundproofing”. It was much quieter than my previous cars but I have not seen it offered recently. Perhaps newer vehicles may have some of this already.

Honda Accord, go to Ziebart get the soundproofing/undercoating then go to Sears and put on a set of their RoadHandler’ s tires.

Get a Rolls

Sedans have the least amount of noise. SUVs are taller with higher ground clearance which generates more wind resistance. Sedans beat their SUV counterparts, so dismiss SUVs. You can confirm this with Consumer Reports, just check their Road noise ratings

Compact sedans are very noisy because they use cheaper materials and less insulation.

Family sedan are very affordable, Accord, Mazda 6, Altima among noisier, and Camry, Malibu, Fusion quieter, the Fusion hybrid the quietest. In between is my Passat.
I tested them all, just make sure you get base model with regular tires. Higher trims get sporty (=skinny) tires so they are much noisier and also less comfortable.

If you can spring, new Chevrolet Impala could be get for 27k when on sale and beats them all

I do not know about the rest of you but I am hearing impaired and can not hear most of the noise anyway:p

thank you!!!

The problem isn’t what I can hear on my own, it’s the dang hearing aids and what they pick up! :slight_smile:

I have a program that really does cut down on road noise, and it allows me to hear the radio, and or my wife so much better.