Varying symptoms of SSNHL

I can’t really answer your medical question but i recently went through the same thing you did except i didn’t get referred to an ENT for 6 weeks so i didn’t have the steroid treatment.

You should be asking your ENT these questions … or i should rephrase that and say your ENT should be answering these questions. The first guy i went to came across as a pompous you know what and i wasn’t comfortable with him and didn’t ask questions nor did he offer any hope or suggestions or ask if i had any concerns. I switched to a different Dr. and he was great … encouraged all my questions. When i asked about a steroid injection after 7 weeks because i had read of rare instances where late treatment may have helped he offered to do it if i really wanted. I opted not to do it when he answered no when i asked if he would do it if he were in my shoes. When i told him the tinnitus bothered me more than my hearing loss he told me an aid may help and referred me to an audiologist that i loved.

So i guess my point is with all of the stuff you have going on and especially the changes i would think you should be talking to an ENT.

As far as the tinnitus goes the aid helped me immensely. The pulsing comes from an artery near your ears and i find that to always be there… if i listen for it. Some of my improvement comes from getting used to the tinnitus… believe it or not you do. It doesn’t even bother me at night anymore :smiley:

I would say that the hypertension could definitely be playing into the severity of the symptoms you are experiencing…unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to be sure what causes SSNHL and the varying symptoms reported and degrees of loss are completely unpredictable.

I’d report any/all changes to the ENT that you have been seeing.

The pulsing doesn’t bother me that much … but i have read that high blood pressure can make tinnitus worse so you may be headed in the right direction.

My blood pressure is in the normal range… but … I am in the process of dropping 25 or so pounds for my adult baseball league so i am hoping that the improved health may lower my BP a little and help with the T :smiley:

If you have a hearing loss that would benefit from amplification than I would not rule out hearing aids.

Sounds like you are suffering from a severe bout of TNH …There’s No Hope!

Seriously, Remember the saying, ‘you are what you eat’?

I am involved in research regarding hearing problems and diet. have a look on the internet for loads of info. It looks likely that a lousy diet may be a contributory factor in the peripheral problems associated with a hearing loss, such as the ones you mention above. Diet probably doesn’t contribute to the hearing loss and changing diet probably won’t correct defective hearing, but a healthy diet (and lifestyle) may well relieve the peripheral symptoms.
Trouble is, most everything we eat and enjoy these days is manufactured and by it’s very nature, mostly unnatural to our slowly evolved physiology.
I would suggest that you try to exclude from your diet, everything which is not natural, (very hard when most of our meat and vegetables are full of artificial chemicals). Anyway, try it for a month or so. (it’ll take that long to detoxify your body).If you feel better, it worked and it wont harm you in the long run.
Also (as if that’s not enough) try not to use your mobile phone so much or use a remote headphone lead. The radiation from a mobile is enough to pop pop corn! (see you tube).
Look forward to hearing how it went for you.