VA sent me Rayovac batteries

I received a new supply of batteries today from the VA and they sent Rayovac time. They have always sent power 1s. Anyone else noticed a change in brand from them?

A Starkey tech mentiond to me once that they use Rayovac.

I assume it’s all decided by who the low bidder is.

I’m fine with it just wondering.

They don’t necessarily use low bid on everything. That’s a long story…Anyway, in 40+ years of using VA hearing aids, they have issued several different brands. This is not the first time they used Rayovac…I will say the Powerone has been one of the best ones ever…

I have always received power one.

I get my batteries 13’s from NHS UK. Mainly Rayovac Crystal Clear plus, sometimes Power One. I would say there is nothing between them.

The VA goes through a mountain of batteries… Considering everything going on maybe power one couldn’t keep up?

That could be it’s not a concurn to me just interesting. I will record how long they last in comparsion to the P1s. I still have a couple of pakages of them left. I have used P1s for years with my previous aids and they worked fine

I think the power and capacity of a battery can be more conveniently measured with a multimeter and then calculate which battery lasts longer.

I buy Duracel batteries from Germany, they are the best and affordable for me when I buy 60 pieces from a dealer via ebay.

Rayovac is an excellent brand. I order them for my HA. I use Duracell for all my other disposable battery needs.

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After tears of attempted testing, I have observed there’s no accurate means of testing HA batteries. The tester in my drier is completely useless, as it nearly always indicated “full” even after HA low voltage alarm sounds. A multimeter is also worthless, as most often a flat (used) battery can register full 1.45 volts. Leave 'em in 'till they quit working seems best. Record which battery delivers the best time of use. For me it’s either 5 or 6 days.

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Measuring any battery with a multimeter is an exercise in futility.

Checking a battery requires that it be placed under load, and then the voltage is measured. The multimeter alone does not provide a load, so what you’re actually reading is the battery’s unloaded potential. That information tells you nothing about the state of the battery.

Our zinc-air batteries have a very flat discharge curve, providing near full voltage until very nearly completely depleted. For this reason, even HA battery testers are just this side of useless.


I have had zero luck with Rayovac - instead of lasting a week, they lasted a few days at most. I had multiple experiences with it - so it’s not just the one package. (What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment and I had a really good coupon…)Power One were the best. I usually use Energizer.

I think you may be judging battery brands too quickly.
My opinion is that it depends on where you buy, if they lasted too short, it is possible that the cause is that the retailer kept it in the warehouse for too long. Maybe we should look at the dates on the package to make sure how old they are because they say the batteries have a 3 year warranty.

I have BTE aids non bluetooth, so no streaming. Wear them 16 hours a day, I normally get 8 to 10 days from my Rayovac size 13’s.

I still have a few P1 batteries to use up before I strt using the Rayovac. I stream a lot and I get almost exactly 4 days use out of them. However for the last several months I have had to change batteries two to three times a day everday and then about a month ago they started lasting for 4 days. I could not get into my local VA clinic during that time. I got an appointment with a repair tech who said all she could do was send them in she could not doing any testing. I chose to keep them until they start to cause trouble again.

I also got a bag of loose single cards… which suggests a temporary solution. Anyway how can you bitch about free? If they don’t last as long just order sooner.

Hi Grandpaw, I’m getting fitted with Phonak Paradise next Wednesday, also size 13. So I will be streaming. Will keep you updated, as to how long the Rayovac’s last.

I am not bitching about anything in my post and I am very happy and grateful that I am out nothing for my aids or supplies. I just commented about the battery brand change and posted about my recent experience with batteries.

If I recall correctly, the Rayovac I had expired three years later. I do use Bluetooth for phone purposes, and wear my aids probably 13 to 14 hours a day. Sounds like I may be an outlier, and that’s fine.

Just weighing in with my own 2-cents! I typically get the Power 1 batts with new aids from my audi, but I’ve always preferred and bought DURACELL right at Amazon. It’s $20 bucks for like 60 I think? WELL worth it, as I’ve found with my loss, the Duracells tend to give me a good extra day’s use.

very good get 7 days