VA - How fast are New Technology Hearing Aids available at Veterans Administration?


I detect a little touch of cynicism in your post, and I would have to agree with a lot of it. I am very new to the HA technology thing, and at first look, I thought that all of this technology is amazing and that hearing aids have come so far. However as I did deeper and deeper into the field my thinking is that there is way more sizzle than steak. It seems that the industry tries to make it look like there is way more choices than there really are. There seems to be an endless stream of fabricated technology jargon, with many different terms describing essentially the same thing. The objective seems to be to make it impossible for a typical senior to make an apples to apples comparison between hearing aids. And, if I have ever seen a product where there is no relationship between price paid and value delivered, hearing aids have to be it. It seems to be a real buyer beware field.

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Just saw my VA Audi last week and Marvels are not yet under contract. I opted for ReSound LiNX Quattro rechargeables (which I will have fitted in a couple of weeks). Did some research and viewed a bunch of reviews and message boards and narrowed my preferences to these two (would have gone with Marvel as number one choice) and others as a step below. Upgrading from Phonak Bolero BTE and am very excited to hear the new technology. Had Widex ITE aids before the Boleros (issued to me in Kuwait in 2005). First aids were very old analog ITE aids issued back in '89. Man, have we come a long way!

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Based on my experience, I think you will be very pleased.

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A Side note I called the VA clinic this morning for an appointment for a few minor adjustments and was given an appointment for this Thursday. Which surprised me and also the person setting up my appointment. And yes it was due to a cancellation

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The VA center here has a “walk in clinic” for adjustments and problems–no appointment necessary. I guess they all are different? Was there this morning.



When I lived in the Austin Texas area the clinic there had the walk in clinic which was great. The clinic here is small and only has one Audi, and he has been booked even before the clinic opened here.

Update the small clinic is growing and has a second Audi now, and they are looking for a third one so they can have do walk in service



May is when new VA contracts with manufacturers are issued.

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Ours has a “minute clinic” but it’s not for adjustments. Only for things like a bad battery or something else minor. All adjustments require an appointment.



I got starkey last month from VA. I love them.



The Marvels became available this month. I found this out on the internet by looking at the Phonak site where they announce what products have been ok’d by the VA. Presumably the sites for other HA companies can give you similar information,



it seems that the VA gets updated from the companies on May 1, and November on if I remember correctly.