VA - How fast are New Technology Hearing Aids available at Veterans Administration?


Does the VA get New Technology Hearing Aids as fast as the private sector?
Or is the availability of New Technology Hearing Aids delayed at the VA?

Another way to ask this; Has any Veteran received the following new technology hearing aids?

  • Phonak Marvel
  • ReSound LiNX Quattro
  • Starkey Livio

New Oticon Opn S Hearing Aid

Thanks for posting this. I am a Vet and recently went to Vietnam Vetrans of America to get help filling out a disability claim for hearing loss and tinnitus. VVA folks were great at helping me get my claim properly filled out. It looks like it may be up to a year to get approval and then schedule an appointment with VA Audiologist. I did receive a letter from VA after about a month stating that they are reviewing my claim. Assuming that I qualify for HAs I will ask for the latest technology ( Marvels, Opn S or what ever the most promising aids available through VA).
I have a 37 year old daughter with severe/profound hearing loss since birth and have been involved wit HAs for her since about age 2. I read this site often to be better prepared to trial at least 2 aids.



Do we have any Veterans who recently received new hearing aids from the VA?

If Yes, are they Phonak/ReSound/Starkey/Widex hearing aids?
If Yes, what model hearing aid, and what date did you receive them?

We are seeking to determine if any Veterans have been issued the following new technology hearing aids;

  • 2018-Q4 Phonak AudĂ©o M
  • 2018-Q3 ReSound LiNX Quattro
  • 2018-Q3 Starkey Livio
  • 2018-Q2 Widex Evoke


On another thread, @jaxxtaxx posted getting Resound Quattros from VA



From the VA, I just picked up a set of Linx Quattro 61 Mini, on 2.21.19. Ordered them 1.23.19, and they were available in only two weeks, but i could not pick them up due to personal activity. That was just yesterday, so it will take awhile to get the hang of the Mic and the Phone Clip. No idea how long they were available. I was just impressed with the step up in technology from my two prior sets.



I received Quattros in December. Could have gotten the Starkey’s. Don’t know about the others, didn’t ask. My understanding is that the VA refreshes models on a scheduled basis. One is November, don’t know about any other months. To say I am pleased with the choices and services at the VA would be an understatement.


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I have an appointment with VA audiology for March. I don’t know if I will qualify for aids, but if I do, I will post results



I finished a trial of the Signia 312 NX7’s mid January 2019 thu the VA. I asked about the Marvel’s and was told they were hoping to have them on contract in May. I am currently trialing the OPN1’s and might try the Quattro’s next if they can get them. So far I do like the OPN’s.



Shouldn’t take nearly as long as before with the VA Joe_Strib. Just filed my claim on 2/4. Was notified on 2/7 that my C&P Exam would be on 2/22 and final decision due o/a 7/2. That’s blazing fast, for them! Good luck.

Edit: VA made final decision (approval) on 2/28. That’s only 24 days start to finish. But, cannot get an appointment at VA until 5/7. LOL.

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I received Starkey Livios from the VA in December. The Audi adked if I hade a iphone. I don’t so I got Livio 2400s, but if I did I am sure I would have gotten the AI version. When I was fitted the audi said she ordered me 6 months worth of batteries and 10 sets of domes.



My VA audiologist has told me that the next time Phonak will announce any new VA HA’s, if any, will be this coming May. This may be true of all HA companies who supply the VA.



I received my hearing aids from the VA within the last 6 months.
They are great! Bluetooth and everything.


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Received Resound LINX Quattro with Ultra Power Receivers Feb 25, 2019
When ordering Audi made comment these aids had been in the VA system since November 2018.



Asked that question (how fast will new technology hearing aids be available at the VA) today while getting OPN1 adjustments at the VA. Audi said VA likes to have new models on the market for about a year before adding them to their inventory. Said the OPN-S would probably be added this coming October. This time frame my be different from region to region.



My audiologist told me that the next time the VA will announce what new models they have chosen will be this May.

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Seemed like the VA had just about all the major brands when I received mine (tried Phonaks and Oticons and found both absolutely useless). Veterans are a major cash cow for this industry and no one wants to be left out. In fact, I would guess any missing brands would be suing the VA for being excluded from this lucrative market.

So to answer your question, yes, your favorite brand is without doubt, trying to get their latest and greatest into the VA system.

Now, a question for you. If your audiologist transplanted the guts of a dozen different brands and models into the same case, would you know the difference? The answer is, no, you would not. You’d simply know whether any of them really helped you. You, like most all of us, including audiologists, would be hard pressed to articulate the differences in technical specifications among even models of the same brand.

You shouldn’t really care about brands and models. Why? Because a single VA audiologist likely has a patient count in the 5 digit range, and precious little time left in his or her day to sit and looks at all the specs of all the models of all the different brands. Like their civilian counterparts, VA audiologists focus on one or two brands, and even then, only a few models of each.

So let’s say the VA does start offering your double-stuffed crust PhonaK K12, Super Supreme (with free bread sticks) next month. You get the audiologist who services your area. If that person is an Oticon and Starkey person, guess what you will get?

My advice? Focus more on the result than the brand/model.

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I don’t know you but I can bluntly say you don’t know the VA either. I have been getting aids from the VA for almost 15 years and have been to 5 different VA clinic in three different VA regions and I have never had poor service. I also have had great hearing aids from two different companies. And yes I can hear the difference in the brands. Now I do agree it should always be about what is the best for my hearing and not about the brand or the technology.

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You have a vision problem as well as a hearing problem, I take it? Where did I say I had poor service at the VA?

My experience with providers at the VA has been great, except for the ONE ENT who spent my appointment on her cell phone with her son. My VA audiologist did her best within her ability to help me. Unfortunately, the technology available to her was inadequate.

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I have not ever seen where the VA technology was limited I have seen a few Audis that did not have experience with the aids I was wearing which was unfortunate. The until now I have been to only large clinics that even offered walk in service for almost everything, the only thing that wasn’t walk in was hearing test. Now I go to a small clinic that just opened that has all new equipment but it seems the Audi is pretty much only offering Oticon which is okay for me seeing Oticon seems to be the best hearing experience I can get. Sorry I guess I did miss read what you were saying.
I find if you go to a doctor or clinic and expect the worst you will get the worst but if you go expecting the best you will get good to great results.