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A friend of mine has become convinced that he needs hearing aids. He not only has trouble hearing certain sounds but he has has problems with tinnitus and hyperacusis for 20 years. His service was as a clerk in Long Binh during Vietnam.

Does anyone know if he is eligible for hearing aid services from the VA or what he has to do to find out?

Thanks in advance.

His Tinnitus will qualify him for 10% disability if he can convince the VA it’s service related…don’t laugh - some areas of Long Binh were very noisy.

First thing he needs to do is sign up for VA health care and request a hearing evaluation.

Good Luck!

Thanks. What does 10% disability mean?

The VA will grant a 10% disability for someone whom they determine has received Tinnitus from noise, etc caused while serving in the Military. If he can prove that his loss was service connected the VA will pay him $152.64 per month tax free for the rest of his life.

BUT - If the VA decides his hearing problems are not service related they more often than not will still furnish him with hearing aids…the 10% is nice but not necessary to receive hearing aids.

I’m sure other folks on this site may have more knowledge tan I and will assist you further.

Good Luck


He needs to see a local Veterans Service Officer (VSO). They are usually listed under county services. The VSO can direct him how to proceed. He may be able to file for VA healthcare, maybe not. In my case they said I made too much money. I ended up just filing a claim for hearing loss and tinnitus caused by military service. When it was approved the first 5hing I did was call the audiology dept at my VA heal5hcare center and set an appt. As ridiculous as it sounds, just because he was in Vietnam doesn’t necessarily mean his hearing problems were caused by military service. That’s another great reason to have a VSO. There are many more diseases that are considered presumptive for disability ratings. Again, the VSO is used to helping with these. That is their job.


Vietnam Vets almost all qualify for VA health. A disability would be icing on the cake. The VSO is the way to go. Get a copy of the DD-214 as that is a necessary document showing his eligibilty.

VA Health Care Eligibility

Searching for a VSO

Hope this all helps. I found a VSO through the VFW.


I agree with all the post above. I put in a claim for Tinnitus and hearing loss. I’m Nam Era and was in Infantry in Germany. I’m service connected for Tinnitus and Bilateral Hearing Loss. The VA has been really good for me and my hearing. I’m on my second pair of hearing aids from them. I’ve also sent 4 or my friends to be checked and they now have hearing aid.

When did your tinnitus begin? My friend’s tinnitus didn’t begin for some 20 odd years after he was discharged. Does that rule out a service related origin for the tinnitus?

I was discharged February 1977, and my tinnitus started Thanksgiving 1975.

Mine started in 1973 and I never had anything to do with the VA until about 2017. That’s when I put in a claim

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Mine started while I was on active duty in the 80s. I separated in 88, and my first interaction with the VA was last year. I could have had benefits all those years, but I didn’t think I’d qualify financially, didn’t want to take benefits away from more needy vets, etc. none of which are legit reasons in my case. No one gaining benefits deprives anyone of anything.



Thanks, guys. You’ve all been very helpful. I shared your comments with him and my friend is now going to the VA on Monday.


Your friend should definitely see someone at a VSO. I was in Vietnam are aboard a ship off the coast. And just because of that I get disability for my diabetes(40%), heart problems(30%), kidney problems(40%), and of course my hearing(30%) as well. This is because of the Agent Orange that was used there and if you have these type of health problem as well as some others they presume you were exposed to the agent orange. Because of this medical problems I am 100% service connect disabled and get over $3K each month.


Thank all you vets for your service. I came across this meme tonight. It is funny to me, but does NOT reflect how my experience with the VA has gone. They have all been helpful and kind, except one nurse at a hospital that turned me away form the door when my doctor told me to come in for a covid test, but I wasn’t showing symptoms according to the chart. Two hours driving wasted…



I was out of the military for 40 years before I even thought about filing any type of claim. I didn’t even realize what tinnitus was. I explain that I used to think it was just high voltage line or cicadas. You would be surprised what you can be eligible for with the VA once you have complete copies of your medical records. I now have two 100% disability ratings that was all documented in my active duty records.


As several have suggested go to your county VSO. They will tell you what documents you will need to bring then they will fill out the paperwork correctly and electronically. Walking in to a VA center cold wouldn’t get you far.


There is a Facebook group Veteran 2 Veteran and you can learn all about claims in the VA. It’s all Vets on there