VA Audiology Clinic -- COVID-19 Closures

Since there are several Veterans on this forum using VA Audiology Clinics, I’d like to know the status of the VA Audiology Clinics they use. I use the Martinsburg WV Medical Center (MC) and my 4th appointment was cancelled today. I’ve been trying since 27 April to get an appointment at the Audiology Clinic to replace my trial hearing aids and have had the following appointments cancelled so far: 1 June, 10 July, 30 July, and 24 July–that was the order of my appointments… I sent the VA Audio Clinic a secure message on 4 May informing them that I wanted to trial a different hearing aid and I’ve been waiting since then.

They stopped seeing face-to-face patients because of COVID-19, but the two local civilian hospitals are now seeing outpatients for appointments along with patient visitors. I tried to go the Community Care route but when I spoke to the person in charge of the MC VA Veterans Experience Officers last week, the MC is still in Phase I, so they’re only referring emergent cases for Community Care.

Sorry for the long story, but just wondering if other VA Audio Clinics are open for business.

I live in Arkansas and go to Hot Springs VA it has been open since I believe the first of May. I have gotten my hearing tested and gotten new hearing aids. I also have had an eye exam. Wednesday I go for some adjustments to my new aids. Mostly to enable the t-coils on my aids.

Tulsa OK VA is still closed I checked a couple of weeks ago and they had no idea when they would reopen.

California has been shut down since March.
No ETA on re opening.

Canandaigua, NY canceled my early July appointment, and has me on the will call waiting list for if/when they are allowed to reopen. I believe Bath and Rochester clinics are also on hold.

I made an appointment on Monday the 13th to get my tubes replaced with the KC clinic for the Aug 3rd. Hopefully that does not change. It used to be a walk in for repairs now everything is by appointments.

The VA clinics in each state and each city are following the local government rules about being open, just like the private and public doctors and hospitals. So do not blame the VA clinics they are wanting to be open and serving, but some can and the other can’t open.

Dallas VA Audiology is not seeing patients at this time. If you need an appt, you go on a list, however; all the people that need their initial evaluation will have priority. I am almost desperate to get in. Things are not going all that well with my hearing at this time.