Uticon Hearing Aids



My hearing aids are Oticon and they are Blue Tooth. I just purchased a iPhone XS Max. I used to have a iPhone 7s.
With my hearings aids when the phone rings and I answer it I can hear the person thru my Hearings Aids. The sound was great.
Since I have the new iPhone when I speak on the phone the voice is hardly normal. It’s very low and I have a hard time hearing the person on the other end. Is there a way to adjust the problem. I have installed new batteries, new filter and new plastic cover on the tip but nothing seemed to work.
Any suggestions?



Is it your voice that’s hardly normal, or the other person’s voice?

What about when you stream music, like through iTunes? How does it compare to when you had the iPhone 7?


In the settings MFI where is the mic volume set and also where is the volume on your iPhone set to. Also I have heard there are programs with the newer iPhones. So you just have to do some troubleshooting. Also insure that you have the latest updates to both the iPhone and your aids.


The other person’s voice is very low. With the iPhone 7 everything was normal


When I have the hearing aids in my ear the settings I have are on 100% the loudest it can be. I have the recent update to the phone as it is new. But how can I see if the hearing aids need updates. I received these thru the VA


Do you have the volume of your iPhone on max?
Also are you new to hearing aids if so they have the hearing aids set lower than your hearing loss to get you use to them. Get an appointment and get a hem adjusted.