Using Zoom on a HP Stream Laptop with a Phonak ComPilot Air II

I’ve connected my ComPilot Air to my laptop but when I try and use Zoom, I hear nothing through my ComPilot Air.

Does anyone know why? I have a HP Stream Laptop which has Bluetooth built in.

I can listen to YouTube videos so I think my Bluetooth is working.

I have un muted myself so I know it’s nothing to do with the mic.

If it’s anything like WebEx, you have to tell the laptop which output and microphone device you want to use. Easiest way is normally right click on the speaker icon on bottom right of screen in the toolbar - this should show you all the available Sound output options available & you can click Compilot Air if connected by Bluetooth. Alternatively, settings in Zoom may have an audio option where you can select the default output for the audio. I’ve got it working With Compilot & zoom on my iPad, but generally use WebEx on my laptop. Good luck !

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Definitely check zoom options, where is sending the sound. You can access it from the toolbar on the bottom, sorry forgot what it says, but something like test audio, settings are in there.

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Thank you! I’ve figured out the issue. I can now hear and talk through my ComPilot.

I’m curious, what was the issue?

There are 3 x different microphones on my laptop apparently. I had to select it to come through my ComPilot.

I posted this on Facebook and another person helped me out.

EDIT - Testing computer or device audio – Zoom Help Center