Using voice to text dictation on iPhone 11 with Phonak P30

I have an iPhone 11 MaxPro and have tried the Phonak Paradise P30’s.

The problem is I’m all thumbs and use speech to text for almost everything; iMessage, FB Messenger, email responses, etc.

The P30’s work fine to receive phone calls, but …

The Phonak interferes with text to speech; read, doesn’t work and/or cuts in and out. When I press the mike on the keyboard to send a message, the phone doesn’t respond. Turning off the Phonak and alls well. I have a cheap pair of BT earbuds I use to listen to podcasts and audiobooks without any interference with text to speech.

My Provider says I’m still in the free exchange period.

So with fingers crossed, I’m hoping someone can recommend a hearing aid that doesn’t mung the text to speech of the iPhone.

This a setting in your phone, turn off notifications/sounds beeps for everything on your keyboard, there’s others as well but I don’t use iPhone, you can use the search button from right here on hearingtracker to find out what other people did to solve this problem.

Good luck.

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Oh Man!

Found this thread where jay_man2 had the answer that worked for me.

I can’t thank you enough. After scrolling thru what seems like hundreds of settings I found “Sounds and Hepatics” > Keyboard Clicks and Lock Sound.

I disable those because none of the other hundred or so settings seemed appropriate.

Voila! I just have my fingers crossed that it’s not just a teaser.


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Never Mind.

For some reason it seems to have messed disconnected the aids Bluetooth and after reconnecting to the P30’s, same old :frowning:

On an iPhone I found turning off system sounds solved the issues but still allowed me to be connected by Bluetooth. However I don’t get any clicking from the keyboard, but I’m not auto swapping presets every time I get a text. It’s in Accessibly ->hearing devices on the first page of that screen.

Thanks bkujay2025.

Are using an iPhone? Does the Starkey interfere with using the mic when texting or FB Messenger?


My iPhone 11 doesn’t show system sounds under hearing devices; only “Hearing Aid Compatibility” saying it’s for improved audio.

Huh. If I click accessibility then hearing devices I get this screen. I’m on iOS 14.5.2

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@eskie227’s screen shows what you get when using iPhone with typical MFi hearing aids. On the other hand, Phonak (as well as Unitron and Hansaton) doesn’t go that path. Their so-claimed MFA (made for all) hearing aids lack all MFi functionality. That’s why @Flyswatter can only see HAC option here.

Note: the “Hearing Aid Compatibility” option here is to limit the frequency bands of your phone cellular communication to prevent electromagnetic interfering your hearing aids.

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Oh that I didn’t know. All I have are my Livio’s which are MFI and didn’t realize that differences would be variable. Thanks for the compatibility tip. I didn’t know what it was for and never asked.