Using TVLink / ICom with "optical digital output"

Hi all,

I’ve just moved into an apartment in Prague and am having trouble using my Phonak iCom and TVLink with the TV. Normally I just hook the TVLink up to the audio out plugs. But on this TV the audio out is very different. It’s described in the LG 42LD550 manual as:

"Digital Audio Output: An optical digital output is provided to allow you to connect the unit to a surround processor. The TV’s digital audio output terminal outputs a Dolby Digital or 2-channel down-mixed PCM signal for use with an external Dolby Digital decoder or other external audio system with an optical audio input. "

I obviously can’t hook up my red and white male connector to this audio out system. Is there some kind of adapter I could buy that would let me still use the Phonak iCom and TVLink.

Thanks Drew.

I think you’re going to need to plug the ICom into the headphone jack to get it to work. You may need to get and adapter and a Why connector for the cables though. Good Luck!

Perhaps something likethisis what you need.
The Customer posted photo shows a red and yellow cable attached to the output, but you would attach the red and white cables from the TVLink.

You would also need a fiber optic cable like this.

Another option is if you have a DVD recorder you could go plug into the audio out on that and bypass the TV.

Thanks all, for the great info.

I’m going to buy a long speaker extension while in Prague, and then buy the adapter and cable when I make a short trip back to the US. I’m definitely hoping the adapter approach will work so I don’t have to be tethered to the stereo headphone cord.

Best regards, Drew

I don’t think you will have to be tethered, I think you can plug the TV link into the headphone jack with the adapter and use it as you would if plugged into the audio jacks.

If you use this make sure the TV is set to output using PCM and not Dolby.