Using the push button on my ReSound LiNX Quattro to change programs

@tanafauske I was going to suggest the same thing, I have resound from CostCo Australia (Ha’ are 3years old) and I use the the app every day. I have the tv streamer 2 and that is also controllable from the 3D app. I have never bothered with the mike as I have apple phone and the MFI works really well. I understand that if you don’t have an Apple phone that is an extra investment, and not for everyone. but can definitely recommend the app over using the control on the devices

The Resound Mini Mic was a waste of money, not needed and the battery life is short.
If I stay at a hotel, I just take the HA’s out later in the eveining if I want to watch TV late.
Then I use the 3.5 mm plug in to the TV with a long wire and Yur Buds Sport ear buds which fit way into the ear. I can hear fairly good with those.

you need to ask to program the buttons for … short press to change programs, long press to change the sound strength. this is done in 3 seconds …)))

Yeah this is why everybody should be DIY, no need to get the run around from the clinics trying to find time for you, it’s so easy to do this type of thing, for those that don’t want to do the actual programming, changing the configuration of the buttons or confirmation beeps is just to easy.

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I use the Resound LINX Quattro for over two years now. I cycle through the p1,p2, etc programs by short pressing the button on either right or left HA. The HA’s react with cycling to the next program and sounding 1,2,3 or 4 pongs.
Long press turns the device on/off. All other changes are made with the Smart 3D app.
I don’t use the phone clip. The HA’s communicate with the Smart 3D app on my Pixel Phone by Bluetooth
I also have the TV streamer 2, i use the app to activate this connection,