Using the push button on my ReSound LiNX Quattro to change programs

I am a VA vet and have moderate loss. Hearing test should be available on this forum. I was fitted with Resound LINX Quattro 61 mini ric ha’s. I also recieved a Resound phone clip + and a Resound TV streamer 2. I would like to be able to control the clip + from the hearing aids themselves. The clip + is unhandy to use and I have nearly lost it several times. I understand the ha’s can be operated by themselves. I can turn them on/off, raise and lower volume, and sync them. Is there a way to cycle through the p1,p2, and p3 programs. My manual states to hold bottom for a short time to change programs but I just raise and lower volume.Thanks for any and all assistance. Sorry if I’m being dense.

Not sure about Resound, but some hearing aids can change programs with a longer press, if the hearing aid fitter has set them up that way. Probably best to ask your audiologist. (I assume you got them from VA?)

Short press vol up/down. 1 sec press sync. 5/6sec press on/off. I got them from VA. Thanks for the reply

This can’t be done, only the tv streamer or multi microphone I believe, it’s called streamer activation, left/right or both buttons (long press down)

Yes ether through the HAs, long press up or using the the PhoneClip +, which can be used as a remote control, changing programs and volume control, plus has a mute button, this is probably your best bet until you get used to the HA button configuration set up by your audiologist.

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VA doesn’t program all available functions to HA, they only pay for a limited license. Short press vol up/down. 1 sec press sync. 5/6sec press on/off is all I get as well. Resound gm app for Iphone does work well however.

Absolutely incorrect. Where do people come up with scrap?
Resound has some videos and Audiology Online has plenty of information.

Make a list of all your questions and desires and go back to your audiologist.


That is a total lie, The VA only cares full function aids. I will say there are some VA Audiologist that do not know how to fully set up the hearing aids. I have been getting my aids from the VA since 2005 and due to my hearing loss, and difficulty with word recognition I have always had to have aids that can be pushed too their full capacity, and as I became a educated hearing aids user I learned how to push the ones that didn’t know the aids to learn them are to transfer me to and Audiologist that fully understood the aids.
If you are not getting that full function blame the real cause not the aids.


VA purchases only top of the line hearing aids. If you are having problems:

  1. you don’t understand how to use them.
  2. Your audi did not explain how to use them.
  3. Your audi didn’t know what he/she was doing.
    go back to VA audi with concerns. If they are not resolved, ask for another audiologist.
    most of what you want can be done…
    Best wishes,

Prove me wrong! I have been getting my HA from the VA for years. Never got a fully functioning pair! Your experience may differ!

Do you want to be removed from the forum for cursing. I bluntly tell you a truth. The VA clinic do not issue hearing aids that aren’t fully functional. Now you may be choosing to go outside the system for the aids then who knows.
More than likely you have a less than fully functional Audiologist.


I have a feeling we are dealing with everyone speaking the truth.
Good chance no one is lying.
Just an understanding of the truth.

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The hearing aids from the VA are always fully functional, maybe you don’t need all of the functions so they are not enabled. If you post your audiogram then it would be possible to tell. Also if that is what you believe then you need to have a talk with your audiologist. Due to my hearing loss I have always needed most of the functions but even I don’t need or use all of the possible functions. My experience if you want something you think you should have ask, I have never been turned down. I presume you are like me and your hearing loss is military related. My hearing loss is bad enough that I am getting disability also.


Basic and innocent questions. No need to stress. Thank you for all for your opinions. I will setup an appointment with the VA Audiologist. Who, by the way, seemed very good at her job.
Thanks again!

@Swaybar it sounds like whichever VA clinic you go to is not responding to your needs.
So, my questions to you are:

  1. Is there more than 1 audi at your clinic, and if so, have you requested a change?
  2. Any time you are unhappy with results given, you have the option to speak to the audiology Chief. Have you done so?
  3. Have you gone to your appointments with a clear list of issues you are having, and discussed them with the audi?
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True never be afraid to ask for what you feel you need.

How goes it sound that way?

You crack me up…
you have a less than fully functional Audiologist.

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I have seen it a number of times, too many of them try to support every last hearing aid, that isn’t possible if they are going to know how to fully and functionally enable them all. Way too many audiologist have a set routine they follow that is really doing the bare minimum of adjustments and fine tuning. That isn’t serving their patients, that is being lazy and trying to get through life, so that leads to the less than fully functional audiologist

Anyway, back to the original question, the function of the buttons on the top of the Resound LINX hearing aids can be set in the fitting software by the audiologist from a number of different options.

I would just take the problem back to the audiologist to get it sorted out.

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I have the Resound Quattros and a mini mic. I do not use the mini mic.

I change volume or programs with the Resound phone app.

The Resound app works with IPads, in addition to IPhone and IPod and Android phones. I also can make adjustments with my Apple watch.

Have the audiologist work with or, and there are many YouTube videos on the Resound Quattro HA.
Good luck.