Using the Phonak Roger Pen as a streamer?

I’m thinking about buying the Pen but would like to know, does the Roger Pen (when using it with Bluetooth) announce who is calling you in your ears or does it just ring when you’ve got a phone call coming through?

If it helps I use an iPhone and I wear Phonak Brio 1s that I have no interest in upgrading just yet.

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I wear Phonak Naida Q90UP aids. I have Roger Pen 1.1. I also have two Roger receivers: Roger x for Compilot, and Roger Mylink for my other (Widex) hearing aids.

I haven’t connected Roger Pen to my iPhone yet because I have to carry three devices-iPhone, Roger Pen, and a Roger Receiver to answer or call using Roger Pen. It is much more complex than carry iPhone 6 with Phonak Easycall in the same phone case that you have.

I did some experiments this morning. After I paired Roger Pen with my iPhone, I borrowed my wife’s iPhone. Then I made a call from my wife’s to mine, and vice versa.

  1. I wear Widex aids with Mylink.

  2. I wear Phonk Naida aids with Compilot.

In Both case, when I receive a call, I hear regular bell sound (that I set for my iPhone) through both ears. When I make a call, I hear a simple classic bell sound. It never says who is calling you even though you can see the name on iPhone screen.

I hope this satisfies your curiosity.

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Yes thank you so much.