Using the Phonak Roger Pen 1.1 for phone calls?


Asking for a friend, she already has the receivers and an EasyPen.

She’s thinking of getting the Pen 1.1 for phone calls. She wants to know if it works well for phone calls with the Bluetooth.

She has an iPhone if that’s makes any difference.

Her NHS hearing aids are not wireless so she’s unable to get a streamer.



Yes, it does. See the manuals on the website: Support for Roger Pen, hearing aid accessories | Phonak



I was hoping someone could say if it preformed well?



I haven’t had any complaints about it but haven’t dispensed many of them.

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Thank you. That’s good to hear. :slight_smile:

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I’d ask, if she gets one, if she can return it if it doesn’t work well for her though?



She was going to buy it on eBay as she can’t afford to buy one out right. They are so cheap compared to brand new, so maybe she should just try it and then sell on if no good.



Never used one but I’d agree that they seem expensive new.

Didn’t realize that they were cheap on eBay.

Incidentally, if it turns out to be no use, I’d probably purchase it.

Got a streamer for work work finally. Came with some bumf about the Roger pen but was shocked at the cost of one!