Using Roger Pen with Resound LiNX 3D without a receiver as a bluetooth microphone only

I’m interested in using the Roger Pen with my Resound LiNX 3D but don’t want to add a receiver. If I use Bluetooth, can I use the pen as microphone for making calls on my iPhone? I’m trying to find an alternative to using the microphone on my phone. Any thoughts or advice is welcome!! Thanks!

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I was under the impression that the Roger pen is an FM based system and therefore does not support Bluetooth in anyway, hence the need for an FM based receiver.

The Roger Pen has Bluetooth in it to connect to your cellphone but you need a receiver for the Roger Pen to connect to your HAs.

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A MultiMic might be a much less expensive and less complicated option.

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Interesting question. I doubt that would work. You would need to purchase the Resound phone clip.

You can make phone calls frome your Iphone directly to your Linx D without any other device. Youy cannot do it with Android mobiles but with Iphone you can do it.

The Multi Mic doesn’t do bluetooth at all. It only (wirelessly) connects to the HAs.

It could be plugged into a phone’s headphone jack, but won’t work as a microphone for it. It will only work as a microphone for the HAs.

The Phone Clip+ does exactly what the OP wants.

Thanks. I definitely wasn’t sure and hence the “might.” I really thought the MultiMic used Bluetooth to transmit to the HAs, but from research it looks like just 2.4 wireless. Impressive range of 85 feet! Thanks again for the correction. I knew the Phone Clip would work, but though MultiMic might too.

Thanks everyone. My hearing aids work great directly with my iPhone. The problem is when I’m traveling I can’t hold my phone and pull my bags. The idea of clipping the pen to my shirt is attractive.

I may buy a used one and give the Bluetooth only a shot. I’ll let you all know.

If it’s just to replace the iPhone mic, the best option is to get a neck/clip intermediate streamer. Even if you already have direct streaming through the iPhone, you can still use the neck streamer designed for Android phones. It should work with iPhone just the same anyway.