Using Phonak Virto B-Titanium with earbuds

Hi, Long time lurker with a question. I’d like to switch to the Virto B titanium IIC model made by Phonak. However, one of the trade offs for this form factor is the lack of bluetooth streaming. My question, for IIC users, is whether the plastic handle that protrudes from the ear (to help remove the device) gets in the way of an earbud type headphone?

Just to complete my own question: I have found bone-conduction headsets from Aftershokz which transmit sound through your cheekbones.

I use Bose qc35 with my iic HAs with no issues

I think they are the over the ear type headphones. I am looking for headphones which I could use outdoors or at the gym. Similar to Apple AirPods

I have the Aftershockz.
I like them.
Especially since I can wear them with my hearing aids on.

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I had the titanium IIC
and currently have oticon IIC

There is absolutely no way I could wear earbud style headphones with my aids in, but then again I don’t need to , the buds are in my ears producing all the sound I need.

Over the ear headphones are no problem.

I have the oticon opn1 iic. would be very interested in hearing a comparison between them and the titanium.

@khris121 @kim.maj I would be really interested to hear more about these two as well. Why did you switch to the Oticon IICs?

I never considered anything else besides a IIC.
During my first appointment I told the audi that it’s either an IIC or nothing (note that I have a mild to moderate loss). Two separate audiologists told me I have to have RIC, but I quickly found out it was because they didn’t fit IICs.
I trialed a signia silk 7px (primax), but they didn’t work for me. The amplification made everything louder and I didn’t manage to acclimatize. I tried several different click sleeves, but nothing was both comfortable and would stay in my ear.
The opn1 is amazing in quiet environments and decent in noise. The reason I got them in the first place was to hear better at the office which is a relatively silent environment.
IMO, the major drawback of an IIC, at least oticon opn, is that you can’t have multiple programs so that you can compare them in your real environment. Every change requires visiting your audi and try to improve the fitting.

Thanks for this, Kim. I was using Lyrics for a few months. In terms of hearing improvement they were amazing but every time I had a shower or worked out moisture somehow crept in. The devices would eventually fail every 3 weeks. Love my Audi but not that much!
So I’m trying the Brio IICs from Costco. Waiting for the custom mounds to come back. Costco fitter didn’t seem all that knowledgeable about this model…

Curious as to your reasoning, is it an appearance thing? I am being fit with IICs (I think Starkeys but after paying $4240 they said they can’t tell me model until the day of) next Thurs to start a 30 day trial but I am already thinking I might want to get something a little more obvious to help encourage average folks to communicate a little better.

it is, though mostly a first impression thing. at work everyone knows I have hearing aids. We’re all software engineers and tech nerds and the tech in hearing aids is interesting.
I am not trying to rationalize this too much, it’s just how I feel. And to all those who say that no one notices. That might be true for some environments, but in a crowd where the average age is ~30, everyone notices. I am bald, so the “grow hair” is not an effective solution.

FWIW, it took me much more than 30 days to acclimatize to my HAs. My audi is very patient and I am familiar with the fitting software. He lets me try out whatever setting I think might be helpful while providing professional guidance.

I have been wearing HAs for about a year. In hindsight I am very happy that I can use IICs. No issues with wind, glasses, vents, domes etc. They just go in in the morning and out at night. They feel like an integral part of my ears.

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I like that Costco give you a 180 day trial, 100% refund, unlimited revisits. If you have one nearby?

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I have one basically around the corner and actually have an appointment there the evening after my IIC fitting. I figure I will get a test done there and I can always try something out there depending on the results of the trial. And maybe they’ll do a slightly different test so it’ll be a good comparison / second opinion.

To follow up, I had the Phonak Brio 3 IICs fitted at my local Costco. The ordering and fitting was a varied experience. The first fitter was relatively new to the job, had done one IIC fitting before. When the custom molds came back, he started to program them, but got very confused. In the end I gently insisted that a more experienced fitter finish the job, which is what happened, with no drama.
The devices fit reasonably well and deep, but they do slip out a bit after a few hours. Sound quality is not as good as that of the Lyrics I had worn previously.
The great thing about Costco is that I have 6 months to evaluate. I am not yet convinced but I feel like, if I get to three months and dread the thought of handing them in, I will know…
By the way I found a pair of earphones that work fantastically well with the IICs and other models as well.