Using Phonak TV Connector with my computer for video conferencing

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I had an important occupational health digital meeting this morning and having never used video conferencing before I was extremely apprehensive to say the very least! The conferencing App was Vsee and it worked a treat. My main worry was not that I would hear them, but perhaps they would not hear me, fortunately any apprehensions on my part were unfounded… Phonak TV Connect 2 has been a godsend connected to my iMac and running on Windows 10 Pro Boot Camp Assistant … Through some experimentation over the weekend via Vsee I was able to hook up my “Phonak TV Connect 2” and plug it strait into my PC, this in turn gave me direct input to wirelessly connect to my Bluetooth hearing aids…… Although this piece of equipment was not designed for any PC’s in actual fact for a TV connection and “Made for Marvels”, we adapt as best we can. As stated prevously I was unsure if the mics in my Phonak Marvel 90’s would work via this set up and pick up my voice, but they worked flawlessly and I heard everything and so did the interviewing Doctor :slight_smile: I will now try Zoom at some point in the near future and hopefully report back, but I do not forsee any difficulties… Try it out for yourself, you wont be disapointed!!! Cheers Kev.


I use the TV connector more on my laptop than I do on the TV. I bought very short headphone and USB cables so I don’t have the TV connector dangling off the table.

It works very well on the laptop.

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On my iMac 27in I have every channel I will maybe ever require Jbobp, including Sky, BT Sport, Netflix and Amazon Prime… So I could actually do away with the TV, although the wife might no be too impressed:-) of them all I find Netflix the best as they have an excellent text to spoken word on everything I have encountered and it’s in sync, best closed captioning I have ever come across by a long way, if I miss a word I can follow it in text… Phonak TV Connector 2 is quite versatile and comes with a jack plug for PC or Mac or an optical plug for TV, tis the best bit of kit I have come across thus far for Marvels. Cheers Kev:-)