Using Oticon OPNs (Hints and such)

I am not sure advertising is allowed on this forum. That how one of my other OPN threads got removed because some mentioned Although it is great to talk about how long batteries last in OPN please lets not get this thread removed also.

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The app store wants a credit card on file. Even when the app is free you are “buying” it, even if it is for 0$.
I am sure that mentioning the battery comapny that sponsors this forum it will not be removed.
\My battery life varies a lot with OPN. I don’t worry about battery life other when my audi gave me the new opn and the battery ran out the next day. I wondered if they put an old battery in it ? :wink:
I do have a feeling that programming sucks a lot of juice. I am tempted to change every 3 days as nothing is more annoying then listen to that jingle.

A battery will drain more in a noisy environment. Volume can impact along with humidity. Using a dryer can help extend battery life.

BTW, that not my view but a manufacturer’s.

Just received my Opticon OPN’s today following an online order from BuyHear last week. No surprises or big issues so far. Well one issue - I have the 85 speakers and was sent a few cones of various sizes. Turns out the 10mm size works best for me but I was only sent four power domes in that size. I was having trouble with feedback and tinny sound - especially when listening to music. However I had some foam tips that came with my Decibullz custom ear plugs. Much to my surprise the 85 speakers (minus the plastic ear grip wire which I no longer need) fit into these foam tips nicely (I added a tiny bit of scotch tape to get just a bit more snug and now these OPN’s sound GREAT! Much much better base than before, feedback totally gone, music and voices sound great now. I can even wear completely over the ear headphones without issue and no feedback and this never worked with any RIC aids before (in fact up until now I had always rejected RIC in favor of CIC and this was one big reason). These foam tips mostly plug the canal but they are super comfortable as they’re designed for all day wear, either with earpods or ear protectors. In fact this setup is more comfortable than the custom fit (and very pricey) CIC’s which these are replacing. And they are cheap @ $2.99 pair.

I was going to ask Buyhear to send some alternative “official” tips, but I’m really happy with how these sound plus the comfort - so I might not bother. These foam tips are worth a shot for those having trouble getting a good fit. Comply foam tips will likely work just as well, however they are more expensive and I’m not sure which of the many models/sizes they offer would work best. I was lucky I just happened to have these Decibullz tips laying around and they work so well.

BTW - I’m a big DIY engineer type and figuring out solutions like this is something I’ve done with all my HA’s over past 25 years of wearing them. I’ve found that most audiologist’s are pretty limited in what they can do and recommend - mostly they just don’t have the time. And making appointments and driving to their office was often a waste of time for me also. So for me, ditching the traditional audio is not only not a problem (so far), in many ways it is much less of a hassle. And oh yeah, not to mention I saved $3.2K on the price :slight_smile: (more on that in another thread).

No difference using or not using the Oticon On app as far as battery life goes. I’m assuming that the automatic adjusting of soundscapes which make the aids such a joy to wear probably sucks up a lot of battery power. Small price to pay for the great job they do.

barbshop I too have found the OPN ON app on or off doesn’t seem to be having much to do with my battery life. I’ve been using Ray-o-vac batteries for the last three weeks. I originally felt I was getting a little more life out of them from ones the audi supplied which was 4.5 days. I tried going 5 days between changes (I just set an iPhone notice and change in the morning) but twice I had to replace the right side before the end of the day. I’m now back to replacing every 4 days.

Until recently I left the batteries in the HAs overnight in the drier. Then I read that it might be lowering battery life so I now take them out, make note of which was in the blue or red side and swap it the next day. The right side drains out before the left so I assume it is set as the primary. Since I’ve had OPNs I have found that the audio streaming connection deteriorates the second day after pairing and gets worse. While listening to audiobooks or phone calls it will randomly alternate between the left and right side. It is similar to leaving the iPhone on my desk and walking into another room. Once the signal gets weak enough the HAs can’t seem to decide how to process it. One of the suggestions from Oticon was to change to Ray-o-vacs. Did that. Another suggestion was to not use low-power mode on the iPhone. I don’t. The iPhone charge doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve been trying to determine if it is at a lower battery power state but I don’t think so. The solution has been to forget and re-pair every morning. It only takes a few extra moments. The last recommendation they had was try a different iPhone. My 6s is not even a year old and it’s the only one we have. Oticon has not offered to loan me one of theirs so it may be a while before I can learn if another iPhone performs differently.

I like the OPNs very much. Many hearing situations are much better. While not perfect I like the interface between them and my iPhone. I have been wondering how they might work with the iPhone 7.

wrt ringing in the HA just download a “silent” ringtone and install it as the default and make the iFone vibrate for everything.

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I’m afraid I can’t help as I have an Android phone, and the Oticon App doesn’t do much other than allow me to change programs/volume, etc. I recently tried the new Oticon Connect device, but did not find it very helpful. Telephone calls were difficult to hear and understand, and there was no easy way to switch between calls and TV or other bluetooth devices. Was a bit disappointed with that. Battery life for me is about the same as you are experiencing. I also use Ray-o-vacs and have found them to be a bit better than other brands, but 4 - 5 days at most is what I’m getting.