Using Oticon OPNs (Hints and such)

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I would like to start a thread on using Oticon OPN hearing aides. I have found that the I am really enjoying the OPN hearing aids and have even used them on my cell phone for telephone calls and streaming music. The IFTTT seems interesting but not found much that has interested me. Controlling the volume of the HAs is very beneficial BUT the every time I connect the default goes to 64%. I wish I could set this default. Any ideas?

Please use this thread to tell us about your experience and use with OPNs. This thread is not about any certain Audi or Seller, so please no advertising !!

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Hi, all. I am looking forward to seeing how this thread progresses. I will be getting my Oticon Opn’s this coming Tuesday (8/16). I will be a first time HA user. I have found this forum to be a great benefit, in information, that I used before I spoke to my Audi.

I have had my batteries in for 8 days now. The app on the iPhone says about 50 %. Just curious if any other OPN owners get for battery life and how accurate are the meters. Mine seem to be great, but then I usually only wear 6-8 hours per day and always store with battery holder open.

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I change mine every 4 days. I can’t get a full 5 days and rather than wait for the batteries to die I just change them. I typically wear them 14-15 hours a day. I use the streaming feature for phone calls and listening to audio books. I also found the battery usage indicator not accurate early on so I no longer even look at it. A week ago I spaced out changing batteries and mid day I heard a electronic beeping sound. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from until the second time it beeped and the right HA shut off. It looks like you are using yours half as much as me so I can see them lasting 8 days.

One thing I noticed last Saturday was at the theater. I had turned my iPhone to silent. The play had barely started and I heard an obnoxious phone ringing that sounded like mine. Wondering who had forgot to silence their phone I looked and sure enough I was getting a call. Fortunately it was only ringing in my HAs. My wife said she wondered why I was looking at my phone.

Thats good to know that the Silent Switch doesn’t include OPNs. That might be helpful.

I already thought about the voice in the ear thingy like James Bond. Someone can be on the line and no one would know that they were paying you info.


Has anyone considered turning the phone off in theatre?

I may the next time. Although until this episode it has never been a problem of any sort just turning it to silent mode. I keep it holstered on my belt so it’s not lighting up an annoying someone next to me. It has been more of a problem driving the 3 hours home from Ashland with it silenced and finding out the night shift has been frantically calling because something wasn’t working for them.

Once upon a time I followed the signs in my doctors office that said “Please Turn Cell Phones Off”. I am someone that considers punctuality a virtue. When told to be somewhere at a designated time I will be there a few minutes early to make sure to meet the time goal. However sitting in a waiting room for up to an hour and then another 15-30 minutes in the exam room with my phone off can leave me with nothing to do.

The notice “There will be a short 10 minute intermission” of 15-20 minutes gives me an opportunity to look up historical information about the play, playwright and cast rather than just what’s in the playbill.

I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but could you share with a first time HA buyer why you chose Oticon OPN?
I’m also considering Signia Primax 7, Phonak B90 (when it is released) and maybe Resound Lynx2 9 “made for iPhone”


I’d say it’s only slightly off topic. When I first got my HAs they were the Oticon Alta2 miniRITEs. The OPNs were not out yet. I liked them a lot but the streaming via the Streamer Pro had too many problems. It also required wearing a device around my neck that in the bright sunlight was difficult to tell if it was on or not. When my audiologist offered to do a trade I took her up on it. If it had not been made for iPhone it may have not attracted my attention though. Now I can walk around can keep working while talking on the phone. I work outdoors in heavy construction and I can usually hear what’s being said. I can generally hear in crowded restaurant environments. I still can’t hear my wife when she’s talking to me from another room while facing away but it’s much better than before.

Only getting about 3.5 days on a battery with my OPNs. I don’t stream as the android version of the Oticon app doesn’t support it.

I get a good 5 days with the batteries. I stream a few phone calls each day and wear them for about 13 hours daily. I noticed a difference in the brand of battery I was using. The Costco batteries seem to last longer than the ones I got from which would only show up as half full when initially installed.

I got my OPNs today and they seem fine (first time HA user) but I found the iPhone App baffling. Maybe someone else can help.

App store does not show a price, but App Store wants my credit card to proceed. Oticon website has no pricing info.
So, if you downloaded the app, what does it cost?

Info on App Store page is just some screen shots. Is there anything useful about it?

Supposedly you can use it during phone calls, but can you talk hands-free if the iPhone is on your belt? If you have to hold the phone, then it is not hands free.

Does it interfere with car bluetooth phone integration? My car has a very good integration including recent calls for past two days and calendar events on the 17" touchscreen. I don’t want to mess that up.


The app is free. There is no need to put a credit card on file. Alternatively you can use the built it in iPhone app for hearing aids by going to general - accessibility- hearing aids. I actually prefer that over the actual Oticon app because you can access it by triple clicking the home button if you set that as the default in the hearing aid setting on the phone. The iPhone is not fully hands free yet. You still have to talk into the phone microphone. Eventually Otticon is releasing a clip type device that can be used as the microphone for a truly hands free experience. Also as far as your car Bluetooth, in the hearing aid setting of the iPhone, you can set the default audio routing. I.e. Can default calls to use the hearing aids or the car speaker. Personally I like the calls to default to the hearing aids because it cuts down on road noise for me.

I use the app quite a bit. I have 3 programs set and to me its easier to use the app to change the programs than using the buttons on the HA’s to change them. Also easier to me to adjust the volume, unless its just one click up or down. Talking on the phone is working very well, but sure miss the streamers ability to answer and talk on the phone without getting the phone out of my pocket. But, I dont miss the streamer around my neck. I wear my HA’s about around 11 hours a day and the batteries last about 5 days. I usually just wait till one of them signals low and then change both of them out. Still have found no use for the IFTTT feature.

I just got my OPNs today. Included in the package was a hard case and a little soft pouch just big enough for a packet of batteries. What is it for?

Speaking of batteries, where do you keep your spares?

The soft pouch is for you to carry in your handbag/tote to put the hearing aids in should you ever need to take them out for swimming etc.

Being a man, I don’t have the luxury of a purse to carry spare batteries, but I ordered batteries online from Ebay and many of the companies give you a free “battery buddy”. It’s a tiny plastic case that holds 2 batteries and fits on a keychain. It’s quite small and has come in handy many times.

Don’t have a Costco membership to try their batteries, but I’ve been using Ray-o-vac and getting about 3.5 days with them and the OPNs. I tried using the “free” batteries provided by by audi, which barely lasted two days. I’ve turned off the Oticon On app for now to see if that makes any difference in battery life.

I have a different brand of hearing aid, Resound, but I have also had Rexton and Starkey. I don’t ever remember getting over 3-4 days. Sometimes I get 5, sometime 2. Batteries are cheap. I will use all the bells and whistles and not worry about battery life. The admin here runs, a good place to order batteries. I buy in bulk.