Using multiple Resound accessories

Hi all, looking to access the hive mind. I’ve bought several accessories for my new Resound aids. I have three TV streamers, which work great on separate channels. I picked up a Micro Mic today and it looks like it can only be used on one of the existing channels. Anyone run up against this? Is there a workaround? It seems I’ll have to re-pair my aids and one of the streamers every time I use the Mic.

Not that I know of by app or programming software. The only suggestion I do have would be go down to two TV streamers, and use either a cable (if it’s not too far away), or use a bluetooth/other tech transmitter/receiver pair to send the audio to the nearest TV streamer.

I have the one TV streamer and use a few Avantree products for sending/receiving audio from distant devices (TV, laptops, phones etc). One acts as receive only and passes the audio received via optical to the TV streamer.

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Thanks for the reply, that’s a shame as there are so many cool accessories. I’ll just end up re-pairing probably, it’s not too much hassle I guess. :slight_smile: