Using multiple Oticon TV Adapters with Opn hearing aids

Does anyone know for sure if Oticon OPN1 hearing aids will connect to more than on TV connect. I have a TV in our living room and also in my man-cave (office). I have the TV connect on the TV in the living room, but it is a pain to disconnect it and then connect to the TV in the office. I am thinking about getting a second TV connect.

Well the answer is that the aids can only be paired to on TV connect at a time. I can still have two TV connects but will have to pair to the one I need to use at that time. Well that sucks but it is better than moving the units and cables around all the time.

I move the TV connect between devices but have separate cables. Still a nuisance but not as bad as moving all and not more trouble than the repairing.

It’s a “feature” from developers. We don’t need two or more wired adapter or, and streamer. If you’d like… no! Don’t need. Pair and pair and pair and pair always.
Stupid developers.


I confirmed that as well - if 2 TV adapters you have to pair and unpair.
I used to move the adapter with Toslink cable left on each TV, but that is very inconvenient. Now, I use the Live Listen function with iPhone sitting next to the center speaker, and it works very well, especially for news, and non action shows. The downside it ties up the phone.

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Do you have 8.0 firmware? My audiologist said one of upgrades with 8.0 is ability to connect to multiple tv boxes but I only have one so can’t confirm. I have opn s 1 …

I have the OPN1 ITE I am not sure and neither is my Audi just what version of firmware that they can be updated to. Hopefully I will find out on the 6th of January.