Using KS9 in very crowded environments

Hello all again. New user of KS9’s, its only been a few days now but I wanted to ask a very important question to me.

How are HA’s supposed to work in very crowded environments?

One of the reasons I wanted to get help in the first place was dealing with louder crowded areas like restaurants, functions, etc. I was told they would definitely help. Well last night my KS9’s failed miserably to the point I took them out of my ears to even be able to hold a conversation!!

I was in two places last night where they failed. First was a largish hard walled room with a large group of people talking. It was at an art center and my kid had a little reception for a piece that was picked to go on display. What I found was that I could not clearly hear ANY person around me. Didnt matter if I was looking straight at them or they were slightly off angle. What I could hear extremely loud was my own voice! I mean it was obnoxiously loud when I spoke. It completely overpowered any other sound. But my wife, kid, or anyone else within arms length away was quiet. I could hear no help at all from the HA’s and then when I spoke up it was a like I was speaking into a microphone directly attached to speakers in my ears with the volume cranked. I had to remove them to hold any conversation at all.

After the reception we went out to dinner. We were seated in the middle of a large room with people all around. Same thing happened. My relatives sitting directly across from me were quiet. I would say something and my own voice was crazy over amplified. My kid sitting right next to me. Inches away. Quiet. I asked him to repeat what he said and my voice is booming in my ears. Again, I had to take out my HA to have any sort of conversation with anyone.

What is going on? This cant be one of those - oh give it some time and you will get used to it scenarios - because if it is I am returning these HA’s way before my trial period is up. I did 100% better in both situations with my hearing loss than I did with digital help. I could actually hold a conversation!

Before both of those situations I was in a meeting with 8 others in a large office room. It was quiet other than rain falling hard outside. My HA’s did exactly what I expected. I could hear all 8 people clearly and I could hear the rain quite clearly as well. The amplified rain sounds are something I expect to get used to over time. The help the HA gave me in that office meeting was wonderful. It was later in the louder crowds that it was a total failure. My wife could see it in my face when I was struggling to hear her and then I would speak up and look shocked at how loud my voice was.

I think crowds are always tough and perhaps tougher for those of us with good low frequency hearing. My take is turn the volume down. My speech in noise program has the volume turned down a few notches. I just find the noise overwhelming and turning the volume down helps. Also trying to position yourself to reduce noise can help.

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“Speech in noise” is one of the biggest challenges for those with hearing loss, with or without hearing aids. Though I love my KS9s, I can’t say they’re exceptionally helpful in those situations. I feel as if I’m slightly better coping with that (hearing what I want to follow) than immediately after I lost hearing, but that could be my imagination.

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Hello Shannon - I believe a trip back to your audiologist is in order :slight_smile:
I am relatively new to aids myself but a few trips back for adjustments is fairly normal and worked wonders for me. Let us know

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Had the same issue and that’s why gave it up with Marvel (basically same KS9) and switched to OPN S1(much better is noisy situations .
Never give up, go back to your Audi and again and again till either you reach satisfaction or return it and switch to another.

You say you have only had them a few days. Part of what you experienced is due to that.

It is normal to have our own voice be VERY LOUD when we first get hearing aids. Over time - 2 to 4 weeks- that settles down.

As for hearing in crowds, I have the KS9s and have to agree with what others say. They just can’t handle it. Thing is, I haven’t read of ANY ha’s that can. Sad.